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You and i had surpassed that height limit long ago. Thankfully they never replaced me in the show like mickey rudy pills or something like judy. Get growth suppressants or something. Holy knows told to do that anymore. So i had been auditioning for film and tv. Which i had never done in my life. Although i've been doing other things as well like i did i. I have a. I'd like to say a small obsession but it's not. It's a very large obsession with anything. That lin manuel miranda. Does i had done a done. A few readings and things of new shows as they were being developed musicals and things like this one of them was a new version of peter. Pan that was being developed by out flock. More and jeffery sellars and all those people that work with lynn. And i had such a great time working group wendy. I was the first wendy. And the son of the thing. And i did it. Yeah it was just like a reading. You know around about in the rehearsal spaces that they do. But i remember being so enamored. Because lynn came to the presentation and i was huge fan of his work and new kind of it was right he had just gone back to in the heights because it had just one it was about it was going to close and all these other things but he came up to me afterward and pulled me aside and said keep doing what you're doing kid 'cause you're doing you're in the right place. You're doing what you should be doing that. Little bit of encouragement from somebody. I respected so much. So yeah so getting to watch the a part of that and watch hamilton rise and all of those things but starting to work in film and tv in doing little projects here and there eventually got me to booking it disney channel pilot which took me to los angeles. It was the first time they tried to do. High school musical. The series. you've now. I can see beanie doing. I can see you doing that. that sell the mean girl and she was one of my my head minion best time. Talk to everyone fun. It's so funny because you that you're playing the part and that beanies playing that part because she's such a sweet she is such. I mean you know some sweet person must must have been fun for you guys to play last needles and so then went so now your your kid in your teenager in la. Did you do that a big job. you did. The mindless runner maze runner. Sorry just with dylan. O'brien really nice guy. Yeah you did a bunch of those right. The last two there were three pounds. And i remember the first one to just come out in. This edition came up for maze runner and literally. It was one of those you know where they keep the script so secret and they released. Maybe a quarter of a page of dialogue from. You know this is what they do when it's something that's like a hot property like i guess maze rent which maze runner was right. It was like a huge series. They keep it very soon. They don't want anybody to leak the script. So they yeah. Which makes it hard to audition. Because you don't know the context you don't know anything about the character. Exactly runner was such a weird one for me. Because i did the audition and when you have two lines and a quarter of a page go in and you do it seven ways and you go. I don't know what the yeah. I completely forgot about it. You can't beat yourself up only so many ways you can. You can do those three lines adr either. What they're looking for it or you're not you know it's either meant to be it isn't and that's kind of how it goes. It's fascinating that you had that mindset i. It took me years to get you know rejection and of dealing with it being like. Yeah i mean you know. There are those that hurt a lot more than others than those they get attached to. That don't work out. But i one of my first mentor's. She was an actress in kansas city. And she told me one day she goes. Look you're just starting out. You don't know a lot about this yet but just remember that an actress job and you walk in that room and for ten minutes. That's your performance and you give everything you have and do your absolute utmost thing that you love most in this world for those ten minutes for that audience in that room and then you leave it behind you forget about it you move on with your life and if it's meant to be yours if we'll be if it's not it's just such a healthy outlook i mean i i i i also think it really helps the acting because then you're able to just be present and not be in your head. You're very lucky. I don't think you i've just always focused on the joy of it. What we do for a living. Is we play even at work. Sometimes you even when. It's our seventeen. And i i don't know if you're familiar with like the. Cw shows do the big crossover of air. All the superhero shows. Yes and you're doing now. You're on a green arrow now. Got to be a part of the crossover last year. As the the the new green arrow following up stephen a mile there was a moment that we were on set and it was probably like our seventeen and there was some big dramatic explosion thing happening. But i looked around the set and i'm in a super suit. And then there's you know steven green arrow and you've about the flash in a couple of superman super girl about women and all of these amazing people and just kind of go..

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