President Trump, Senator Grassley, Barack Obama discussed on Morning Meeting


A bargaining chip to harm other families millions and millions of americans saw me sitting to the president's left and dick durban sitting to his right and republicans and democrats sitting around the table clinch senator grassley and senator feinstein said we need to make sure that the doctor and protect these are protected senator grassley said they didn't do anything wrong and they came to this country let's deal with the first let's protect them first and the president said yes but he didn't mean yes last night he talked about putting a bipartisan proposal forward i don't know a single democrat in america not one that believes what he offered was a bad person were that he was doing what he said he would do and protect the daca folks first now he has put in and i'm pleased at than an expansion to one point eight million people and a path to citizenship that's what he said he would do we shouldn't regard that he did it but we are surprised that he did when he said because he a couple of that with a draconian a proposal that was in his own words to be in the second phase of negotiations and infrastructure proposal that he made last not a single comment on how he was going to pay for it and very frankly twelve months later than he said he was going to put down he also made false claims he took credit for others successes he took credit for job creation under president obama when in fact twenty seven team was due almost job growth in six anywhere by the way he may claims has old the incident that he's given this up and looks like a laundly grill as you shattuck like the sect's person i mean i don't know is that one is that only get one siro two dollars all i know is for shares of salunke says not aware assume type narrowly fine stood the sweater and the show's host and the one the oecd to on kempten bizarre an lunda what so interesting of al is here's the deal of seat supposed to be showing strength clowns insurance this amazing joe kennedy washing if that's you know tell needs including the.

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