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Given that it felt exactly like training day with orcs yes freight and that's actually how will smith has been describing anton anton folk were a he directed training down pick your wrote it yeah so the david a or david training day and look i'm not gonna visit here he did i'm not gonna sit here and should all over david air one i don't know where my hometown is he yeah are i possess improve his is sort of a character with you know because technically i'm from urbana illinois and champagne as the twin cities not from the uh so he got the bed side of the fence and it's not real champagne unless it comes from trip it here that he wrote the fast and furious he wrote i won yeah well yeah he wrote a he wrote directed end of watch which people seem to like there are like some laugh okay here egg the brad pitt tank movie but it was weird that they promoted suicide squads so heavily in this trail exploited for me to leave that off i think it was just that flakes trying to show that they have like big movie directors directing their hub here's the thing a suicide squad though critically panned it was successful it made a lot of money and i did it did well and you write in like when you promote stuff it's more of what's the in the race right it's not really what the critical successors order when obviously when you see something like featuring academy awardwinning writer whenever a actor but yeah so i don't know this movie doesn't look very good well okay were you at just watch the sheriff of all kneejerk hot take let's talk about the foreseen i'll give you some guidance very foreseen will smith runs outside uh in a boxer shorts with a broom.

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