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A week on groceries and be knocked that down to seventy five dollars a week. Yes. So I actually spent like four hours each week Monday a week on grocery shopping where I go to so many different grocery store or different stores just to get that. But we were really intense about figuring out how to get rid of this stat and throwing thousands a month. Yeah. Why are they go guys? Congratulations. So how long ago did the income come all the way up to one sixty in August two thousand fourteen we back a vehicle. Oh, both of you. So the eighty four was not for very long 165 been most of the time. It's been. Yeah. Most of the time. Okay. All right. Very good. Congratulations. All right. What what advice do you give to someone who's out there on the other side? Now, you were sitting there watching a debt free scream listening to a debt free scream yourself and someone's getting ready to their debt free scream, and they said, here's what you do to get out of debt. What are you gonna tell them? Just a lot of hard work and a lot of patience and a lot of sacrifice. But if we can do it, then anyone can do it. Okay. Dog lot of prayer and it, but it all comes from God. And just hard work. Very cool. Actually, what are you say? What would I say? The word sacrifice. Really really really really is. What happens? The we traveled from Pennsylvania Tarazona for these jobs. Be spent we've spent most of all of our holidays and birthdays away from family and lots of different struggles of being married and figuring out how to be married to each other. We've had to sacrifice so much. Was it worth it? Yes. It was completely worse. Yes. Good. Good. Well, congratulations who were your biggest cheerleaders outside the two of you. I would say my parents, Nancy and David from Erie, Pennsylvania, they would send their box of goodies for us each month. And they actually put it for five years. They are huge cheerleaders. Wow. That's very cool. Very nice. We have some friends here like ten and Rachel. Over the years. Maybe turn around and how. Hey, man. Yeah. Good times. All right. We've got a copy of.

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