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It's like we pay rent to be on a page of search results, we pay rent to show up in people's news feeds, and that's just how it has to be to appear to be visible and relevant and somebody that's necessary task to be affective. But for earlier stage company, it's really easy to burn. A lot of your cash really fast on things that you're not really set up to actively do have a sales team place monetize, those leads can your product to it for you and things like that. So the the other thing I would say is like I believe really strongly that you need to do is sort of a portfolio of tactics and that the range from the very expensive to the very very cheap. And it's only through a balance of those things you pay your rent where you have to and you moved off the land for free where you don't. And the combination of those things is what gives you the right folio to help you grow. I think that the whole point of doing this is Howdy evolve overtime radius star where do you get to after twelve months free to get to after yet out one million to that five million to that ten in twenty million? So that's great transition to ask you. So, you know, my comments were a lot about earlier businesses you've done sales operations operations, generally and businesses across the whole spectrum of scale as companies mature, how do you see the relationship between sales and marketing changing in the relationship between the operations teams changing as as they grow income more complex. Yeah. Good question. I think that. As you mentioned when you start off its first, let's validate that people are willing to give us some money for this. And you're probably in that before you think of the tactics that you mentioned or the best basket of tactics. Probably before even came up with the strategy of kind of who you want to sell to you what size, and what type of of companies, I think in the early days. It's just kind of go get that number go acquire customers. Go figure out why they're buying and then go get some more of them. I don't know that you need a lot of sales operations or even a big sales team as you mentioned. I think you just need enough bodies. They handle the leads people that have this overwhelming mindset of, you know, optimistic I guess is a good word of it's something new, but we see some early people consuming it. So we're gonna go sell more. I think that is he start getting multiple offices or multiple Geos or multiple segments smaller companies larger companies or even sales manager or two is when you need start thinking about placing operations in place. And I think one of the things that happens when the marketing team starts to get bigger and sales team starts to get bigger is, unfortunately marketing, and Sal starts to I think diverge sit at different places of the building go through different processes of figuring out what they need to do. And I think the role of both of our operations teams is to pull them tighter. When it was maybe five or six people sitting all together earlier at the time. So as they mature or as a company matures both of those organizations are going to mature. And I think without that inbetween that glue or the stitching of what really operations is what my team does. And what yours dies to keep them together into one continuous supply chain that you start to see marketing targeting a segment and sows recruiting to fill sales capacity that has emotion that is inconsistent with that segment and then bad things happen. You're either spending money on on pipeline that isn't getting convert it or sales's converting pipeline that you don't or otherwise, we're not wanna. Convert and you have those mismatches. So I think the operations needs to get more sophisticated needs to get more operationally. I don't know if that's a word, but you need to start documenting things you need to start aligning your processes needs start having more structure and governance in how you do everything. And I think if you just keep structure governance alignment staying on the same page. Same KPI's constant communication that. You can typically grow your cells and marketing team together in the right sort of ways, the company scowls, it makes a lot of sense..

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