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Family. You got a You got a special place in our hearts on this program for all the good work to do, and we appreciate it. And if we could ever help you let us know. And Sergeant Penny, your rock star. Thanks for being with us. Absolutely. Thank you, honey. All right, 809 For one, Sean. Toll free number. All right, Let's say hi to Steve is in New Orleans today. What's up, Steve? How are you, sir? Glad you called. Great. Thanks for taking my call. Sean. I want to jump right in on this because I know my time is limited. I been missing religiously to your chauffeur last five years because of the world you guys have done with Russia hopes more pro ball that it rings true to me because in the last 15 years, I have operated a small moving company where I do all the work, including all the driving in the last 15 years. Last 15 years, I've been pulled over 45 to 50 times for traffic violations that I didn't commit, or that were not even traffic violations at all, including looking at a state patrol officer in Missouri and touching my head. Have had numerous officers pull up alongside me, profile me and in some cases, get back behind me and pulled me over and numerous times I've had a dog falsely Lor on my vehicle when there was nothing in there. I think In one particular case, I was putting two handcuffs for two hours while my van was systematically disassembled connected. They ask you a question. How do you get pulled over 45 times. And how many years 15? I mean, do you have a heavy foot? You know, I've never even gotten a moving violation in my life. Sean. I've never been arrested. I've never had any out. I don't have any outstandings this I've been wanting to call and talk to you about this for Five years Now, This is a personal situation. I have eight of the 50 warning sitting in front of me and my home office desk. What is the profiling that they're seeing in you? Do you believe well, so I am Caucasian. I am of German and greet background. I'm all of skin. I have shaved head statues. I think I fit some kind of ridiculous profile RK profile of what is used Still in law enforcement. That's my belief, But okay, let me ask you of the 45 times. How many of them do you think you were treated properly? And I'm wanting from that meeting from the time that you pulled over How they how they treated you. How many times would you say they did it? Appropriately? Appropriately, the vast majority. I don't think any law abiding citizen of this country with no criminal record should be put in handcuffs for two hours because of a dog falsely alerting on the vehicle. I mean, what is the dog falsely alerting, meaning that they smelled drugs? Or? Yep, That's exactly right. It's happening me about five or six times ironically, to in Dallas, do you have your own truck? Do you rent a U haul that maybe did have some drugs in it? Yes. So that is definitely part of it that I do all writing of vehicles, but some of these air cargo vans and so you know, smells can linger that and there's the possibility that there were drugs in it in my issue with this is the first of four. Most that there were there was never a traffic violation ever committed. I drive in the safest possible manner for my safety and the safety of my cargo. And that Z just how it is. So when I get pulled over for looking at a state patrol officer, they're touching my head. There's a problem there that that can't be used as a rational explanation to pull somebody over just to see who they are. I don't see how it can be viewed any other way than that. If I'm speeding. Listen, I know a lot of people. I've never heard of anything like this in my life. Just so you know, I'm not. I'm not. I have no way of knowing whether or not all this happened. I'm just taking your word for it. I mean, you're saying that touching your head somehow triggered a profile. Or, you know, I'm not sure if your car passes that a dog would smell you know drugs from a previous hall from U Haul just by you passing by it, 40 Miles or 50 or 60 miles an hour. That doesn't make sense to me at all. Um, I I don't know what to say. I just don't I can't come and intelligently on what you tell them because I have no idea what the all these circumstances are. It seems very odd to me completely. And I don't want to scare them to dispute with you. I would just say to you and this is my recommendation for anybody is and I've been pulled. I used to have a heavy foot I don't anymore. And unlike I don't have the quite the gift of Gabbar. The track record of CL Bryant to you know, can talk his way out of anything. Apparently has he mentioned yesterday, which is pretty funny. But I would just say my general attitude is yes, sir. No, sir. Yes, ma'am. No, ma'am, That's it, And I'm not stopping that at all. And I have had an instance one in my life. That was negative. Every other instance. The cops were professional. And in one case, I think this cop was having a bad day didn't particularly like me when he figured out who I was and wrote me five tickets, and I sat there and said, Thank you, sir. And I women on my way. And I hired a lawyer and, you know, paid the fine. They all they really want is the money. They don't even want the points on your license. I'm sorry you went through it. I don't know what to tell you. Um, I would say to everybody for your own protection, You know, I would urge everybody to follow the commands. Of oven officer the officer says. Please exit your vehicle. Yes, sir. Here my hands. Show your head, you know, because you want to go home, and there has to be some level of understanding that police officers Police officers are their jobs are hard and they have no idea what they're getting into. Ah, lot of times anyway. Thank you for the call. Um, let's say a Haida. Steve is in Kentucky. Steve's a truck driver. By the way, there's nothing you buy in any store that you can't think a truck driver for what's going on. Steve, How are you? Hey, Sean, I'm good. The reason calling is first truck drivers. Uh, if we get pulled over, usually it's do you like sometime inspection or something? For to make sure that everything's okay. I'm a flatbed truck driver. So they also had that inspecting cargo real good too, for that. So, um If any time I get pulled over or I pull into a scale. I say hello. Good morning or afternoon, whichever it is, uh, to the officer asked him what he needed and get what he needs. And you find most offices and doing a good job professional..

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