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More people in Florida can get a Corona virus vaccine. The eligibility age drops to 40 then includes all adults a week later. We want to keep up that momentum as we expand eligibility to other age groups. Governor De Santis. They're more than 70% of those 65 up have gotten vaccinated in Florida between Monday and Wednesday, Florida expects to get nearly 700,000 doses of the three vaccines. The Corona virus has killed another cop. Broward County Sheriff's Office says that detention Deputy Sergeant Shane Owens died Saturday He'd worked in the office for nearly three decades. He was 48 Republican State lawmakers push election changes to make it harder to vote A State House bill would require drop boxes be staff and only available during regular early voting hours. It would also give election supervisors less leeway when verifying signatures on mail in ballots. Blazing Goldie, a sponsor's The bill. When we look at vote by mail balance, there are almost no safeguards. All we're asking for is some reasonable safeguards to ensure the sanctity of the vote in elections supervisor point out that Florida has had mail in voting with no problems since 2002 and drop boxes used in 2020 also led to no reported fraud. Democrats say the GOP merely wants to suppress their votes Monday Marks National Vietnam War Veterans Day you might never have heard of it. It came from the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act only three years ago. I'm grateful for everything our Vietnam veterans have done to handle Kate for Gold Star families. Some Florida resident Loren Burke's father, Army captain Joseph Berkson, died in action in Vietnam in 1972 many of the events that would normally happen Monday to mark the occasion. Go virtual well. Florida's news I'm John Mc Weston. Way all side Coming words matter way We're all responsible. The president incited right wing terrorists For months, our cities burn orgy of deadly white supremacist businesses for shattered, he told a crowd fight like Hell. They said nothing to double standard has to stop stand up in the coming weeks and months together. We must work together and tell all of us the truth. We have no choice. He bit here, Divided way will fail unusual. Video success W Y o D Under the 2017 tax law. The standard deduction was raised to $24,400 for a married couple because of the limit of $10,000 for state and local taxes. More people are using the standard deduction instead of itemizing Rachel Cohn, sepia and managing partner of a cone close up and company says this year if you and your partner are over age 65 you will each receive an additional deduction so they would get in next to 1300 each, which is another 2600. We had that to the 24 400. They're going to get a standard deduction. The sheriff $27,000 that is subtracted from the total income to come up with the taxable income. Joe Kohn says the standard deduction works out for some people. But if your state and local taxes are far in excess of $10,000, and you work in a state other than the one you live in The standard deduction doesn't work out well, particularly for people living in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and California. I'm Alice stacked in Rossini. From Premiere Networks live across America. This is the Ben Ferguson Show Way. Got a big show for you tonight, US center Marsha Blackburn is going to join us in just a little bit, also will deal with the insane press conference. And it is an insane press conference that happened with Joe Biden this week on wall to deal with the new gun control measures. Bus drive by the Miles tax. Yeah, they're pushing it that as well. Before we get to all that..

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