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On ninety, two three FM fruit Saint Jeeves and Pamela Hughes Little little Bob Seger for you I love me some Bob Seger. I, am so excited because here's a concert. I ever went through my life is okay see. I wanna go see him in concert they had to reschedule his concert from last. Year it's going to be very fifteenth next year and and. I go see Seger okay my mom took me because you couldn't find a babysitter side, that's a great reason to take their cash I think. It's a pretty safe conduct to I go see Seger you go see Bob. Seger. And he doesn't play night moves okay what's going to happen. I'm going to be text do you know Obviously. You don't care That song was released in. Nineteen, seventy six carrots Stuff that like. You know I my dad, raised me listening to I, love me some senior the. Concert I wanna see I. Wanna hear night moves should artists be required forced should they be forced to disclose, what songs, are going to? Play before a concert an artist like Bob. Seger I don't know. How many albums he's had it's been a lot he probably has hundreds of, songs I'm going to. Assume in and to him the songs are, important if he if you go to a concert how do you guarantee that he's going to play the song that you want, to hear you getting knowledge that in a room. Full of ten thousand people at a Bob Seger there's a bunch of people that have a favorite Bob Seeger. Song and he. Can't get to, all of them I get it I get it but I also think that artists like j three of the Bob Seger cousin item I'm. Into my eighth, album now we've got a few more songs to go like there are the heads Okay what Like. That Just, fired off which is a great song A good song because he journey and granted I know that, like? Journey, of, today is different. Than journey right. Yes sir cover. Band going you, don't hear don't stop believing Here's the thing and and this is. I don't like live concerts I don't I, don't go to any of them anymore it's just for me the, experiences different and I've been to a couple thousand of them, I? Don't, need, to see anybody. Ever again get. Off my lawn I've dealt with artists, and understand where. The, artists come from this and it, basically comes down to people more and, more going to? Big concerts and these bands not playing their hits anymore they're playing their new music which is why most bands go out and tour it. Used to be to quote. Promote an album well Kevin Kevin road into a journalist and he was complaining because he says you know what I'm a casual nine inch nails founding dimensional after paying several hundred dollars for. Tickets for him and his wife nine. Inch nails in play the big hits like this one. Had like a whole didn't play had. Like what kind of, league play closer audience member have a perfumer. Does not. Play his hits as a casual fan wants. To hear the hits, the casual fan pays the same price for the his concerts seat. Is the die hard fan I think that, like download the song Okay I don't go too many concerts because I have been disappointed. Grant I know you got a new. Album you're gonna play the new. Album and if I'm coming to your, concert then I should probably download the album to be a little bit familiar with. It but in the grand scheme of, things I like. You I like your band because of your. Hits that's what introduced me to your. Bank so when I get, there I wanna hear. Them I think it's difficult for artists to. Begin I've had the. Opportunity I've talked to some of these artists and some get it and some don't now when I say get, it some of them do. This, reluctantly I've never met an artist from snoop Dogg to. Incubus, wow that's a. Rain I don't know if it's that bigger, age but I Pop hip hop and I worked in alternative yeah yeah okay okay so kind of you know my my big bands if you will in those since I. Never knew one of them that liked doing quote unquote their biggest. Song at every single show you've heard. That song and just like you..

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