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But I feel like that. Certainly David look, it seems like that war dog was really the pushed into the person pushing for getting rid of Wendy, perhaps there's something it wasn't a crazy thought. Like if I'm saying to you. We're all voting this person out, and you're not willing to get on board with that. Like, that's that is somewhat scary. Like, it's again, it's a beautiful human sentiment. Loyalty that you have. But it's also scary from us first survivor perspective, where it's like, you're you're going to do things based on principles that are not like in your strategic best interest. And she's also saying that, hey, I'm gonna vote against Kelly and Lauren. Yeah. You know, maybe if you're David like in the in the back of your head saying like, okay? Well, I want to keep Kelly around for now. But let me maybe let's keep Wendy in the back pocket if she wants to target the other return player and maybe Wendy win purple crystal will have an alliance. Okay. All right. Let's go to Alexis. How can older women get past the mom trope equally important? How does Aubrey keep from getting Penord? What is getting Pinard? I don't know what got an getting e so lucky to get pandered. I guess everyone on on on that tribal sort of targeting him pretty early. It's a good question about the mom thing. I mean, more learn remember was inner forties and she white right? Like, she how how old is Lorimer. I should know this as my future. I don't think she's that sort of thirties younger than us. She's thirty six. So so, yeah, I don't know. Like, it is it is a challenge. But look that was was Riemann targeted because she was the mom because she was the older woman. I don't I don't know. But based on what I saw on the show, she was targeted because she said, hey, let's vote out Kelly Wentworth and Lauren and Keith told on her, but there's you could you could clearly see that like certain people like she's saying that only after like certain people or grouping up, and you know, the groups you make on survivor are largely based on on people are similar to you. Right. I mean because you naturally go onto people or someone who you and especially in a situation like that. I mean, look you gotta walk a mile in somebody's shoes. But I'm telling you if ream goes out there, and she is up. Kelly went words behind for three days. Kelly went you're my best friend. I want to be. You know, I love you Kelly Wentworth or even David Wright, if she attached herself like a barnacle to those returning players. I think it's a different story. Maybe she's not gone..

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