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Thursday's editorial director at global design and consulting company I DO and I love this about sure Shawna because in the book a beginner's guide to the answer Shonda shares her experience as a care giver with her beloved father as he navigated a condition on the spectrum of dementia at the end of life she's also written on wired spin and The New York Times. BJ he is a hospice and palliative care specialist at the university of California San Francisco for he treats hospitalized patients with terminal or life altering illnesses Dr BJ suffered a major injury in college which resulted in the amputation of both his legs below the knees and one of his arms he started telling a story as well as his thoughts on matters at the end of life on the infamous Ted talk video. has been viewed now over nine million times so tonight we're celebrating their wonderful new book a beginner's guide at the end practical advice for living life and facing death now in my opinion this is a tremendously special book and make the reason I say it's special because it literally is the user's guide a manual on how to tackle some of the toughest issues that arise this important phase of life and I like to quote both Shoshana and BJ they say it's a bold and beautiful vision of how to make life the life that we currently have folks more meaningful by taking an active role in designing the life we have now I want to say can I get a man. tremendously important did you get an amen. but I got to work on his audience. so it's just gonna be J.. I have to start by trying to get an understanding first of all how did the two of you meet and what really facilitated the collaboration of this book. well I met BJ three months after the death of my father and it was a really important time for me to be meet BJ because the one was still fresh I was still in the thick of grief and I was trying to make sense of the experience I just had and as you said so beautifully has a very bold and profound vision for how to shift that experience at the end of life and I really needed that right then my my sister and I had just been care givers to my father my sister should be here tonight see here my. and we were utterly clueless about how to navigate the fears of life I mean we had no idea how to talk to his doctors what Kerr we could expect how to navigate the hospital insurance his new wife who who was difficult at times so. remember to say about that is she here tonight she is not. so he will not be. yeah my my mother is.

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