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We attended intended to the second amendment foundation booth with the great Allan gotlieb and the crew and what a great time that was to sit there and talk with Alin and Dave workman and awro Hawkins and Tom Gresham and the rest of the crew and all of you who come by. It's just amazing never ceases to amaze me after all these years. How many people come up to say Hello? And tell me that you've been listening to this program for Phil long. And that it's meant so much to you over the years. It really really means a lot to me all of you know, who you are. Jason, you know, who you are. All my peeps out there. I could keep going naming names. And it's just there's too many of them to mention, but my gosh, it means the world to me. So if you're listening in the previous hour, you heard my original opening remarks of cringing, but as we go through this hour, you're going to hear things mature as the purpose for the. Show kind of shifts in chains and changes in morphs as it's becoming its own program, and it begins to drift and find its way and the host begins to morphine drift and find his way along with the program. In the meantime, what you heard in the previous hour case you missed it. I don't I didn't get through may seventeenth was as we started on April twenty six I went through the opening with you. And the last clip I played for you was on may seventeenth just three weeks later, remembering it was only a one hour show heard in hotlanta Georgia on at the time. AM talk talk nine twenty now AM nine twenty the answer. Your tuned in right now am nine twenty seven love you then with you for ten years, and it's it's just so much histories to do show right here in the studio in Atlanta at am nine twenty back at that time. It was an awful lot of fun. But it was growing even then because of readers, my magazine readers from across the country that were tuning in. What was then fairly early technology apps and everything else that we're nowhere near as fast as they are today. You know, think about that the iphone had come out in two thousand seven we're on the air in two thousand nine in two thousand nine so many iphone was knew what I phone. Did you have them and I phone too. Own when I don't even know when they begin counting the things, but you know, that's that's how much has changed in shifted over that ten year period that decade, it's it's really remarkable. And we go over to Szanto, Sean. How are you today? My friend happy ten year anniversary. I'm looking forward to another ten. Thank you. Happy anniversary to you. As my notice. We're not playing these silly music or anything like that. We don't need that kind of affecting here. Do we know it causes habit? Yeah. It's I could have put that stuff in here. And I just didn't want to choose to run it from my boards here and my screens here. So I can control an and talk about what we're talking about. Now, Sean I'm gonna take you to go a little bit out of order here. Because this clip was so fun, so fun. I'm going to take you to July, and then we're going to go back to June and a couple other against still ten years ago, if shot if you remember this I'm going to set this up we had run a little contest locally that the winner of this contest would be able to come into the studio when massad and Gail pepin were in the studio with me, the winner could come into the studio and bring a friend or whatever and sit and watch armed American radio at the time. You remember that you remember that part of the story? Well, we. Daniel Agramante's than his son was there. Daniel probably listen to the show now is beautiful wife and kids listening to the program as they have been for many many years, and they were there in the studio when this exchange went down here. Let me set this up, Sean, if you recall doing prep work, then keeping in mind, we were only on one station at the time. Maybe maybe two, I don't even know. But if you if you recall, what happened was I had picked up a story about a woman who got beaten in the head about the head neck and face in a bar with a beer mug. You remember that by other girl with a bar by another girl with a beer mug in a bar in one of the bathroom stalls. You recall that yeah, we call it. Aetna. Bugging of don't give anything away here. But this wound up being. This well being probably one of the funniest clips that that ever came. It was an instantaneous classic no Mijo and set the stage theater of the mind. We were in the studio with Masada Ube and Gail, and we had a couple of other folks in the studio had won this contest with us that were in the studio watching this all go down. And I was telling the story about this beer mug beating and it's kind of self explanatory. And it went down like this. And was this great stuff? Here you go. Take a listen. This is the infamous classic Masada, Ube, beer mug clip Masada. You've sitting right across from me. Welcome back. Good to be here and Gail pepin championships. Love it. Hi, welcome back. Thank you, Sean. This one's going to crack. Yup. And Masada I've got to go here because this is big news. Of course. Nikki go, sir. Who you know this other right? Just just made. A lot of headway in Tennessee fighting for the right to carry in restaurants. Of course, her husband was murdered in cold blood by a criminal, and I had to I had to look back at it math. And I thought that he couldn't have gone in there with a gun because guns weren't allowed in bars. But he did right. And when I saw this today, I couldn't help but think about our friend, Nikki if she's listening to key. If you're listening feel free to call I would love to get your comment on this woman. Attacked with beer mug inside Ambrish, bar restroom. A woman said she was attacked by another woman who was brandishing brandishing a beer mug inside the bathroom of a bar now if she concealed okay? Okay. I can't even get past the first sense of this. I didn't know you could brandish a beer mug. Well, you can but it will splash everyone. Yeah. She was carrying a beer mug in a bar this other woman. Her name is Cherie Gilbert's thirty eight years old attacked alluvia Patterson thirty at Tonino bar on Sunday last week. Investigators and I'm paraphrasing as I go through here quoted Gilbert as you used a beer mug to beat Patterson and the head shoulders back in arms with the beer mug that she was open carrying and brandishing in the bar doesn't say whether it was four empty. I'm sure at some point. I'm sure it was up to buy the. And this woman spoke to channel eleven news and set her arms embraces both. Wrists are fractured and several fingers are broken and she said get this. I feared for my life. And she still does she still does she went into the bathroom. And she said while she was sitting down this woman breaks the door down and started hitting me with the smug. And police said the fight happened over still drink now this. Awful questions that are very relevant to current fight being waged in states across the country because we hear you can't bring a gun into a bar. You can't do that. Well, now, I understand that it would probably be safe safer in a bar if they didn't have mugs, right? Right. So we need to ban mugs in bars for or create safer. Technology. Styrofoam and Dixie. Now, ladies and gentlemen. This is this is laughable. I guess it's not laughable if you're a little bit. But I mean, I'm I'm sitting here I'm speechless right now. I I couldn't get get past the first sentence of this is she she was attacked by another woman who was brandishing a beer mug in a bar. Can you brandish a firearm on the range? It's to be a war night. Mark. A seven day waiting. Or to go into the bar. Actually, if you issue them Camelback. Camelback at the bar that have to take it off swing it over their heads to hit someone get. What about the children? What if the children monks, then you know, it adds a new? Mark. Did you show the pitcher the woman that did the crime? No, no, I didn't figure the picture would go well over the radio show. The people in in the studio. No. The microphone. Can you see that? I just thought that this was but inclu charges, including aggravated assault. And the woman said even with her attacker in jail. She still doesn't feel safe. So she must have one heck of a reach with that beer mug shoe. Wow. That's just nuts. Sean. I'm glad you saw that. Oh, massad Calvin Fowler called me a bonehead for saying that the officers were gunned down. He didn't.

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