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Shell vanity fair has in chief for name is ready cajones he's 44 years old and she may have been the editorial director of the books department at the new york times on a of time magazine and the perished review graduate of harvard holds a doctorate in english and comparative litter cheer from colombia but she didn't impress anyone at condie now asked that's a really intimidating office i wish there was it's were vogue is anna wintour as their she is the arbiter of all things style she came from a you know england british she's been at vote for him at the helm forever abdul are terrified over there been movies made about her from the devil worst the first monday in october temporary issue and those are documentaries and people she is just so at also let me just say this about fashion and i i know that this has been vanity fair they're in the same building as the continous buildings house everyone um a really weird thing you could see somebody looks like a like he'd be like oh my god what are they wearing a like oh excuse me that is the style arbiter of this and you know the wearing pajamas with you think it looks homeless her eclectic and yet it's the style it's the trend right so oh my thoughts interesting her choice of what she wore did you see her outfit she had tights with legal fox's on them like little animals shall and i got people are like what the heck an an a wind tore was in the meeting and glare tights the entire book that's enough to unnerve anyone will apparently at.

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