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And additionally there's a lot of psychological and emotional changes that happen when we experience acquired vision loss it's a big change and we go through a grieving process and we need to come to acceptance of that loss in our life and lowvision rehabilitation has been shown to have a therapeutic effect on that but we also have a psychologist within our service to provide psychological support and support group and counselling services yeah i know we've talked about birds technology aspect but could you also touch on the psychological services a yeah absolutely so individual services are often times where we start off our psychologist will talk to what our patients over the phone um and discuss kind of what the patients hopes and needs are and then make a recommendation usually for an individual session where the psychologist and the therapist will meet together am if that's a good fit than that will be continued in some instances though um group counselling can be a good option even sometimes just the dynamics of family and the changes that are experience within a family when a loved one experiences vision lost sometimes the family members struggle just as much as the individual themselves in adjusting to that so um family group and then support groups also am and we don't always you know certainly minute ourselves to recommending our support group at the lighthouses me i'm someone may have a support group that is closer to home but support groups are a great way for individuals to network with each other and also kind of brainstorm together and problem solve um for someone who's new division loss they might not think of using their magnify your to look at their thermostat for instance and in a support group setting they may say you know i've been frustrated this winter with kind of controlling the thermostat i can't see it to look at it someone may say you know what i have a thermostat.

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