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Five in Tacoma right around at seventy second street our next report is a seven fifty four men Smith couple traffic turn a forecaster still threatens no time some of the mountains in the still some heavy rains around areas of Puget Sound without some in the central sound at times here on Saturday overnight lows will be in the forties Sunday will bring another surge of wet weather with heavy showers at times highs on Sunday will hang on the upper forties lower fifties in the plan on this active weather pattern in the wind and thunder until about Tuesday afternoon and again the personal four thousand feet altitude as leaders from the cold weather center stay connected stay informed Seattle's only twenty four hour news station call news one thousand FM ninety seven seven Saturday continues on markers for some other story for following for the weekend of the last week's deadly collapse in New Orleans has been delayed by at least one day we're being told hours before a planned implosion of two large cranes that were damaged in last week's collapse of the hard rock hotel under construction experts realize there was more damage to those cranes than first thought they got a big I closely found out some things about it that it changed the way they got a you take it down to New Orleans fire department chief Timothy McConnell says those changes mean the one hundred forty five thousand pound cranes will not be imploded any earlier than noon Sunday dangers to do what they don't want and it'll be dangers when it happens three people were killed more than twenty others hurt in that collapsed last weekend Brian Clark ABC news senator Bernie Sanders spoke at a campaign rally in queens New York today now this is his first since suffering a heart attack while on the campaign trail three weeks ago Sanders says the rally.

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