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Talk, presented by facing tipton on the horse racing radio network. Trainer Todd Fletcher has reached the stratosphere. It was all have another that dug O'Neal. Spoon over Miami for Bill Matt. 3000 for trainer Mark Cassie. Lucas a 6 win. Barefoot with another incredible milestone, but it was old for shutting the game with number 1000 for the great Trevor McCarthy. Here's 2000 for Nick zito. Steve asks him is now North America's all time leading trainer. Now here's Mike peda. Hello again, everyone and welcome to the show, trainers listen to. It is trainer talk and it's all presented by phasic tipton right here on the horse racing radio network. Mike penna baron of the backstretch, excited as always to have you with me for what promises to be an exciting hour on today's show should be a lot of great information and a lot of things that you'll enjoy hearing over the course of the next hour. You are listening all across North America on Sirius two 19 XM two O one and streaming live or podcast on our HRI website and of course you're doing that at horse racing radio dot net. Well, today's guest began his training career in the early 1970s. And he is fast approaching the 1300 win milestone. And if his recent success is any indication, it's not going to take him long to get there. The 70 year old conditioner has come out firing at the recent fairgrounds meet currently tied for second in the standings behind Ron faucher and Jose Camus, whom, by the way, you heard on this very same show a couple of weeks ago. He may be best known for one very special Friday afternoon beneath the twin spires on May 2nd, 1997, when his talented three year old Philly blushing KD added her name to the long list of memorable Kentucky oaks winners. And it is my true pleasure to welcome trainer, Sam David junior to trainer talk presented by Facebook tipped in here today. Sam appreciate the visit. Thank you, Mike. Yeah. You know, we're going to spend a lot of time talking about blushing KD in that run that you had with her. But let's start by looking back on the role that you've been on at fairgrounds, which has been bolstered by, of course, that four wind day on December 5th and I think what makes that even more remarkable Sam is the fact that you entered 5 horses on that 8 race program. One of them was an also eligible and with scratched, which left you with four, and they all won. Incredible. Yeah, that was a really big day. Like you say, a lot of people win four or 5 races a day, but they usually have 8 or 9 in there. So to run four and win four, that was really a special day for us. I don't think I've ever done for a day. Now I was trying to think back and my brother who's been with me for years that said, we won three in a second one time, but I don't think everyone for. So I'm assuming that he's right. Yeah, I know you can be confident going into a day and you can like the horses that you're gonna send out there. But look, there's more ways to lose a race than there is to win one. When you sat back at the end of the day and said, oh my gosh, we just went four for four. What's that like for a trainer? Oh, I mean, really exciting. It was great. And like you said, we knew we had four live shots, but even with live shots you don't usually have everything go your way or horses don't fire or something like that. But that day, everything just went perfect. We rode marcelino Padres, who won 5 for 5 that day. So he was riding really heads up and good competitive races and that really helped us a lot, I think he did a great job for us, but the horses all ran well and that's something you don't usually get one of them out of the four that throws in a clunker throws in Delray so we were really excited to have them all around that good for us. Horse players will play a pick for, and they'll get to the final leg after winning the first three, and they're anxious to try to hit the full pick four. They have their fingers crossed. They're calling on every superstition that they've ever thought of. How about for a trainer? You get to that last leg. You've won three. Are you thinking, okay, it's been a great day. No matter what happens here, we've had a wonderful day or are you thinking, man, I want to go four for four. Well, I mean, we want to go four for four, of course, but and the horse in the last leg was a live horse. I felt like he was 5 and I was a little concerned down the backside when he got back a little further than I thought he should be. And I said, we probably ran out of luck, but he did he dug in real good for split horses and came running probably his best race for us. So that was something that we were really excited about, but you never you're hoping to go forward before, but you're really happy. If we don't want to three, we sure have been really happy with it, you know. Yeah, it's so hard to win one. Yeah, it's so hard to win one and I've heard jockeys and they've talked to me on this show about getting in the zone. And they'll have a 5 win day. Like you said, like you said, your rider did that day. And you just get into the zone. Do trainers ever kind of find some kind of zone where everything you're doing with horses just seems to be clicking at a certain time in your barn? Oh, definitely. There's an old saying, when you're doing good, you can run the pony over there and he'll win for you. So you get in the same kind of zone. It's just one of those things you just can't seem to do anything wrong and hopefully we have a meat like that instead of just a day. But everything's really running good for us here at the fairgrounds. We came in a little different this year. We didn't run quite as hard over the summer because we felt we're going to be down at evangeline. So the owners of most of my horses, the Hernandez and Jon dug we all said, let's just kind of press it them all up and get them ready for the fairground. So we knew we felt like we could come in here and have a big meat. But we're just still got to work here even though you feel like it and you do everything you plan on a lot of times it doesn't come together for you, but so far we felt like everything we've taken over there is run the race. So that's a big plus for us. Yeah, it gets better because those four winners actually capped off a stretch where you won 5 consecutive races at the fairgrounds going back to your previous winner there. So it was quite a stretch. And I mentioned earlier that it put you near the top of the trainer standings now. Do you have enough firepower to stick with some of those guys throughout the meat? Oh, probably not. But as long as our horses run good and continue to win, I'd really like to see my owners when the leading owner titled more than I mean not more than me. I like where to, but I just don't think I have the horses that they have or the tech forces that can continue on the win. But my owners really they've been in for a long time. I'm talking to Keith and Earl Hernandez and John duvel their partners shipped here that breeds towards their own and they've been in the game for a long, long time. And it would really be a feather in our cap. They could come away with the leading owner title here at the fairgrounds. They're pretty much strictly campaigning most of their home.

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