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May eighteenth twenty twenty I'm John trouts and coming up on American morning house speaker Nancy Pelosi says the house passed stimulus bill deserves a serious look in the Senate no bill that is proffered will become law without negotiations I'm Linda Kenyon in Washington casting blame within the trump administration I'm Bob Costantini with that story rising cases as more businesses open in Texas we've been calling the number back can offer a little too prepared and train them investors are hoping for a better week this week last week was the worst week for stocks since late March I'm Jessica and the problem but I'm Jim Bohannon about to tell you about radio recliner all ahead on America in the morning seven minutes now after the hour the latest coronavirus stimulus bill to come out of the house could come before the Senate this week but its prospects for passage or dim correspondent Linda Kenyon has the story dead on arrival that's how many Senate Republicans describe the houses built it's a three trillion dollar stimulus package one third of which goes for aid to state and local governments the rest goes for extended unemployment insurance food assistance direct cash payments to taxpayers and more house speaker Nancy Pelosi says yes it's expensive but for good reason we have health care workers police and fire first responders you know the ways to manage emergency our teachers our sanitation workers they're at risk of losing their jobs many of these people risk their lives to save lives and now they may lose their jobs on CBS's face the nation speaker Pelosi says the state and local aid in the bill is not out of line especially when you consider past Republican spending priorities sounds like a big number but everything that we have in the state and local column there is less than the Republicans put in their tax scam to get eighty three percent of its to the top one percent the bill written by house Democrats to partisan says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell there's not going to be a three trillion dollar leveling wishlist instead senator McConnell is insisting on one thing before he'll even consider the possibility of another stimulus bill it is going to include liability protections speaking last week senator McConnell also suggested now is not the time for another stimulus bill I think we all believe.

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