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And when i send that product to you when you wear it you can see that when you can judge for yourself how what the differences the being discharged emily regular athletic shirts at see it now i never understood the value of of silver until there's a a all longtime mix fan michael alexis who decided at one point he was going to do he was going to become a minimalist he only had one pair of hands i think in one sweater and like one shirt and travelling how you doing this michael he said silver talking about ciller says while the silver in these clothes and so it doesn't smell and naturally it's actually really smell free so i'm kind of a jerk i start to smell him to seat he really stinky maybe doesn't know that he smells you know people still don't know it actually did not snow and so for him to have traveled all the way from china to san francisco which is the truck that he took when i saw him not stink pretty impressive all right so let's talk about lululemon what happened with lemon and i'm gonna take my pants off now okay so we owe originally so lululemon makes great products i or water while i nourishing were the brand and their designers and they also use silver in their products and baths initially wary sauce over and at first i had act your missing supplier so they're supplier was the same supplier who of wide sober to us as well.

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