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Never have to see each other to. we're already. it could work. You know it could but can not after woodbury andrea look. I'm not saying it's going to be easy. Fact is going to be a hell of a lot harder than standing here shooting at each other. But i don't think we have a choice. We don't you do but the governor is the only villain in the show. That didn't talk like he was a villain in a cartoon right. 'cause they also became a thing every other that was hired after that new they were walking into seventeen million views. No and i will in one hundred percent agree with you on that. It's just a shame that like time we gotta villain after that they were caricature of a villain from megan to alpha. Who just like talked really weird even to cinder or what was her name. Track chick the shake. Yeah who's your favorite villain josh. So is your favorite villain is the governor. Who would you say out of all the seasons. And then and i'll get your take. Who's the least favorite villain. Oh terminus the whole season. Yeah joa terminus. And it was like such a throwaway thing. If we didn't have terminus explode via daryl and carol right if we didn't have it explode that would have been the biggest waste because that whole season was legit walking without the beth death and and the explosion that whole that whole season is one off walking episode. True that jacqueline have. Are you favorite. Least favorite villain. I think my least favorite villain would be the police girl karen from that same season. I don't remember what her name was. But she was like karen before karen was personified dawn. Yeah and like. She was being mean to the guy that played chris from. Everybody hates chris. Tyler and like i was not about that girl and at least with some of the dudes and i'm not saying that every or even with alpha you could see where they got people to like get on their team. I'm like bitch. Nobody was on your team. Nobody was on your team ever ever built one. Yeah so yeah going gets hard for me. I can't really pin them as a villain. Even though the show would try to make us not trust this person from time to time. But i just never liked this character and i don't know why maybe all can figure it out the the character of jesus in the walking dead not the bible guy. Bible guys great the character. Jesus in this show never got. It never understood the appeal and jacqueline. You made a face. I mean. I'm not gonna blame this on your gender but the ladies listening to this what. Jesus looks like they will choose. There's five four and he punched. Zombie jump kicked as zombie. Which is malaysia..

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