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Absolutely. So the Arlo finches my book series. The first book came out in February the second, what comes next February? So it's a three book series. It's Harry Potter age fiction, and it's been great. It's been just so different to write books versus movies. There's just obviously more words and the sensitive kind of insight. You get. Worse more words, but things like we've all been screenplays. You can sort of plow through screenplay in two weeks of you need to if you can just muscle it and there's no way to muscle book just take so much longer. I'm still trying to figure out muscle the I've never written anything in two weeks really can do that if a half to God Franken with three weeks, really? Jeez, that's the thing that's possible cover to cover, take cover to cover, see, give solid month. So there is a solid much. There's the Nanno rhino the national novel writing month Jia where people write a whole book in November, and you can do. You can do that. If you're writing sixteen hundred words a day, I hate that thing. Tell me what you find it disrespectful. It's like it's like, oh, let's have a national surgery in an hour. You know, people have a profession. This is a craft. It's an art. Why are you jamming it into a month? It's a novel for God's sakes. What? How good could it possibly be? If you're like. I. And it's plus in November. They don't even give you the extra day. It's thirty days after a hate it, hate it a hit the way people claim have allergies. Oh boy. Yes, really suffer from you. You know, I I, I literally life threatening. Suffer from boring November insulting me. No. No, I know I am. I know it'd be pen just for Craig. I'm Brigitta. Yeah, it's called Clinton Arlo Fench though available at your finer. Booksellers goes everywhere. The second tier books next book coming out. The second book comes out in February. So the paperback of the first book comes out in January. Then the hardcover book comes out then, but in Europe. European listeners to one or two. If we have any listeners. You wanna podcast and company? They are. They are in Europe. The crucial because companies I've learned is to have no sense of listenership or analytics. That's that's central. I actually do have no sense of our listenership around lenox. So you can concentrate on the creativity about numbers. Do. Our friend, Sarah Morgan, listened to your show. So you're set really, that's the deal. From england. I love the English until recently that was part of Europe. Knowing hot us, bring it up with them. 'cause I've spent a lot of time with British people recently and will you know they get quite serious about that? Not funny. Funny doesn't play around the. Are you being served reboot set? No, it does not. Yeah. So I have European versions. I've German Swedish Danish versions of coming out of this next month to reading in Danish Finnish French, the original. Yeah, so I do there and do all that stuff. People I read in English and half Danish. Nice street raspberry, Dana. Full circle. With the side of pancakes and vibrator. Everything. Ramic in of Lou Baresi. There you go. They're gonna, lose her fict-, trim, fresh life. Is Brian sunny d. Fernandez. He's when you hear laughing through the window, it's not as fault how God made him. You can find us at maximum fun dot. Read it dot com on read it. You can hashtag tweets, hashtag JJ go..

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