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Probably get a slap on the wrist or something like that. Whereas if it was a person like myself, I'd probably go to the penitentiary after news of the warrant broke a TV cameraman reportedly accused Felder of pushing him to the ground. But builders attorney says the cameraman tripped and doesn't expect legal action. Clayton Neville, KLIF news Arlington. Police have issued an arrest warrant for an eighteen year old is skipped out of court Monday during his aggravated assault trial. Please say Brian REI got then cut off his ankle monitor and laughed forcing a mistrial alleged robbery happened in November twenty seventeen after Iraq and his brother arranged to buy a PlayStation four through an online app. They allegedly pulled a gun took the device from the seller is also accused of shooting the seller twice in the stomach. He pleaded not guilty Monday. In court jury selection under way, when he reportedly left the courtroom during a break and didn't return thousands of people are asking Dallas to try. An alleged fifteen year old serial rapist as an adult a petition on change dot org. Was started by someone claiming to be the boyfriend of Maria is Carro the woman murdered in her far north Dallas apartment in November. Police say the fifteen year old suspect knocked on her door setting needed to use a phone then barged in with a gun and tried to rape her before strangling her. William Mullen says he started the petition because the suspect decided he's okay being treated as an adult the day, he decided to stock rape and murder people. He's connected to three Dallas, rapes and t- waters. In louisiana. Scott said way, KLIF news at Texas. Senate committee has approved a Bill that would give teachers a five thousand dollar raise starting next year. The Bill would give three hundred and fifty thousand teachers that raise including charter school teachers at a cost of just under two billion dollars school districts would take on one hundred twenty eight million of the cost next year with that number increasing to about one hundred and thirty five million two years later Senate Bill three will now be debated by the full Senate before a full vote. The North Texas tollway authority. He says a Bill filed by state Representative Matt Shaheen is a bad idea. I'll spill for sixty three proposes that our toll project become part of the state highway system and the commission should not maintain the project without tolls. When the cost of the project have been paid in response to our media partner WFAN TV the NTT a referred to over nine billion in debt that's accumulated during the construction of new roadways built at the request of the region. The MTA said we think the house Bill four thirty-six is a bad idea because it would not account for future maintenance repair and improvement. Mickey Briggs KLIF, news Frisco animals services investigating a dog bite that sent a person to the hospital Monday morning. According to police the loose dogs belong to Cowboy's quarterback. Dak Prescott Ryan Chandler is. With the Frisco PD at this time. No charges have been filed. The investigation will continue to he wasn't home at the time of the incident. So there was somebody there they were able to return to the other dog to that wasn't involved in the bite. He had the dog. Is in quarantine, I guess for what ten days or so the offense of dog at large is a class c misdemeanor with a fine of up to five hundred dollars. KLIF news time eight ten coming up. Linda Kenyon from Washington about the big vote in the house of representatives today in an attempt to shut down the president's emergency declaration. Listen to the Dell Walmsley show every Sunday at nine AM on news and information,.

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