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Written by regular everyday teenage girls across the nation it scares me it's perverted and the psychotherapist speaking with saying hey these kids live virtual worlds and you know parents talk on an average authur acerbic three and a half minutes a week in conversation with your kids now everybody's got their head down we're all gonna look like like you know giraffes we're gonna have we're gonna have these next though that just bend over and have all deformed nexus civilizations thousands of years in the future are going to wonder what the heck is wrong with us because we all have these bent over next for everybody's looking at their phone and these kids don't live in a real world that's why you see david hug and these other parkland kids i'm going crazy and if you confront them at all they can't handle it they can't handle the criticism because in their world there is no criticism you know they're never criticized in their world so they can handle it when they get it very quickly jim in spring hill florida you've got one minute here jim good morning you're on the brian kilmeade show tim i tim thing that i've i've noticed with everything going on all these kids that are causing problems or standard the tablets they seem to be from a single mom courts have taken out of the home mom wants to keep the kids safe kick him in a room put a tablet don't want my around and they learn that they can push a button with your thumbs get whatever they want now nobody's telling them now you know what my son every day it's like okay put the cabinet away we're gonna we're gonna work on the little machine we're gonna learn today it's like fighting time.

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