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Saint Vincent in your town and every month dropping there and see what they got laying around. Yeah. And just make it your summer project. You'll outfit yourself. Right. It might not be the best up. It's functional. It might be awesome stuff. My wife's hunting pants from goodwill that she founded it's just nice in a ski town people drop it off because they'll never use it again. She's got a high end pair of pants probably retails for two hundred bucks that she got for twenty bucks. Yeah. I in all fairness all the time. I was doing that. I was totally lusting after like really bomber. Great apparel. But I'm talking about the devastating going and not going, and you can go and become trouble. And you can be wishing and dreaming about getting some sweeter stuff. But you just got a at a point. You gotta decided to just going to go. Then figure the rest out keeping your tolls. Warm. Yeah. Have a little bit bigger. If you got some old pawnshop boots put some snow seal on them used toe warmers like those little what do you call them hammers in hand warmers for your toes? Those things are great then go you go out and know, go after hunting season down to your local sporting goods store, and it usually giving those things away 'cause they don't last forever. Good one thing about about your feet is its moisture management is such a huge deal. You know, and if everything's working properly in your in a situation where you're hiking and ascending. You're you're perspiring your whole bodies perspiring and something I tell a lot of guys is you know, layering is great. But you gotta actually layer, you know, when you're about to ascend, it could be very very cold user layers, use your layers, you know, put take your coat off and put it in your pack, and the hardest thing is dripped down. You know, and you're only going to be chilly just for a second. And then you're going to be hot and sweating. We'll all that sweat goes to your feet, and so managing moisture managing perspiration inside your when you're saying all.

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