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Busy street in the capital earlier today as people returned to work let's go straight to Moscow and speak to our correspondent Sarah Rainsford on Serra it sounds busier than you have been telling us in previous days in Moscow tell us who exactly has been told to go back today well yes definitely busier that was the sound of the garden ring in Moscow the busiest road in the city and it's not that it's normal standstill because normally it's full of traffic jams but setting is a lot more traffic today I don't know people on the streets too but there is still a pretty strong looks on in place in terms of shops in the service sector that kind of thing of people who can work from home I still being told to do that but construction workers have started to go back up people who work in manufacturing and and and the industrial sector I've also been told to go back to work from today they are told that there will be social distancing in place that that will be masks and gloves which will be obligatory for them so well when they when they get to work and if that's taking public transport these people now have to wear masks and gloves as well and from what I saw this morning at Sydney people coming out of the metro I saw all of them were wearing masks some of them wearing gloves and on trams and buses to they went packed you know we're not talking about the huge returns web just yet this is a lot of places is still closed well the trade center the shops are still closed up but it is the beginning of a partial removal of the restrictions which many people are questioning here because he said the infection rate is still very high yeah the infection rates are very high and there was also a tragedy at the hospital for coronavirus patience in Saint Petersburg tell us a little bit about that well that's right five people were killed in a fire which we know right now official began when there was a short circuit single we understand the show's second suddenly something went wrong with the ventilator if it bursts into flames of course not fire and five people who were hooked up to ventilators in the intensive care unit so this is George's hospital in St Petersburg I have died fifteen were evacuated successfully from nothing I see you area of the hospital and until that a hundred and fifty patients in total this is the second time that the same kind of fences like the house exploded essentially that happened in Moscow a few days ago and one patient was killed then the company that produces the ventilators have confirmed that that that that ventilators were supplied to this hospital they say that they don't know whether they were in that part of the hospital hospice as they work with are big questions about the manufacture these ventilators and whether or not they were produced at great speed because of the huge demand not supply those machines out to the healthcare sector here Sir just briefly we've heard just in the last half hour or so that Vladimir Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has tested positive for the coronavirus that's right he's confirm that the and he has said that he is being treated in hospital of course the prime minister here in Russia and a couple of other government ministers are also they have also tested positive for corona virus Dimitri Peskov said he hadn't seen that president Putin up physically in person for over a month I'm certainly not Mr Putin himself has essentially been working from home in his residence enough I got over people heckling at the bunker he hasn't come out of his funk of for some time and it appears he hasn't been in touch with his spokesman either for sometime Saran said correspond almost correspondent not just before we came on and I spoke to the CD Vlasov who is an epidemiologist at Moscow's higher school of economics L. Sims first what did he think about the way the Russian authorities had handles the coronavirus crisis I am totally his circle or Goldman cemented sure they didn't explain it to him in the Russia will start to develop later than in Europe but all of the actions of the Russian government will not suit told so by their previous experience in leading hero for sharing some reactions or for the government you also lose the extra courageous I need these small school experience the culture what about the way in which the testing has taken place and also the impact of the virus on health workers who of course are on the the front line of having to deal with patients this increase in the Russia we'll start it later on etoys started to use very low quality to test the results of this review deletes we delay it sometimes for weeks so we will expose extremely senseless to stick into these problems she continues to sing Kerr fix a problem later he fills those positions of Norris's notes will inform to both to what is going on there all the notes perfect do you think of the protective equipment in Russia is superior to the lead in the public with the city in New York sheet you always usually wore green in contaminated areas four so over so more results with direction it is terrible what is going on in most focused because you say that you are not atol happy with the way the authorities have dealt with this crisis to what extent have people like yourself and the scientific community at large been involved in any decision making all decision making in the sure he's done by old people decide what you're watching if you look at his last appearance on the national TV screen when you're pushing unknown set full of the decisions made as she's old DC it's not by government nobody needs to fail not because otherwise it face some issue free inspection the specialist of course of course is some board you feel cute cool drafts of these decisions but the names of these people are known and it is where you don't trust these decisions it's quite interesting to hear you speak so candidly do you feel free to do so and do your colleagues also feel free to do so the could you excuse it or we do it all the time the social easier world professional gatherings we are just saying to you Sir lazy billable travel trips to be done being the latest science but what about doctors they to a scientist so they able to speak freely unfortunately no the because of the the in the small restructure green book if you took world the Russian hospitals our goal is to match you with this most cruel cardiovascular surgeon who was in conflict is the top manager we're not fighting please to war just because the old books this will support each other in this to see if you could engines the issue is actually responsible for the pixels controlled it is almost military too sickly if you'll call to the institute of epidemiology in most schools the bill not to give you a lot of work results proficient fortune clearer usher P. will continue to be LA Colle Soviet Union six years ago and in the context that you have outlined do you feel that Vladimir Putin's decision to start lifting the restrictions that have been imposed is the right one not least in Moscow where it is worse than anywhere else in the country this decision is correct well the decision to differentiate surveillance missions in different regions so for us it is correct one because our agents are far far from what you're strictly in the in the she is a United Kingdom what is best plan or for a listing could restrictions is not science based it is not offered to for this society in the absence of curls you know what country is the biggest problem with it a CD plus often epidemiologist at Moscow's higher school of economics that speak now to Arkady Ostrovsky who is Russia editor with the economist magazine open criticism that role for Russia's leadership up from an epidemiologist in in Moscow it is true that this is the widely held you think well it's widely held in that recycles as they sent Russian that it's it's it's widely held amongst any kind of independent minded its little circles in other areas the honey you know the well educated middle classes who consume venues from the internet yes it is pretty widely widely held view among that group of people you know we all center that the trust as your interview Mr lots of saying you know the trust in the government this is very low I mean we we we know this from not least from let me pick this and ratings I mean this in the context of that lack of trust it is the population getting an accurate sense of the numbers of deaths and cases no Sir we know that something very suspicious has been going on for a long time because Russian at the rate of infection has been accelerating the number of infections is is not amongst the highest in the world about about eleven thousand a day Russia has about two hundred thousand cases yet so far have been reporting very few deaths and we now understand from various reports including from coroner's stats the the death toll might have been actually underestimated by an order about seventy percent that simply the deaf from corona virus have been recorded as death from other causes the hospitals have been instructed to to to record them differently so did the trick the trust in the in the figures has been very low but then again that's not something new the Russian people are very I have always been very skeptical about that government they note that the government first instincts is always to to cover up to cover up suspicion is always that of course it goes back in it to to things like Chernobyl in nineteen eighty six Accardi Ostrovsky of the Russia Edison with the economist magazine joining us live thanks very much for being with us Sir lots of course on corona virus on out website there is a life page which I haven't mentioned for a few days which is being updated by the by the minute if not the second every new development is on that B. 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