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Record in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine it had been off limits to tour groups in recent years because of concerns about its structural integrity. It looks like apple is losing interest in the car business apples. Much talked about project titan appears to be moving to the back burner. The effort to examine ways to disrupt the auto industry losing about two hundred workers who are moving to other parts of apple many in the auto industry have been watching to see if apple was interested in building a vehicle or like, Google building technology to automate a vehicle apple says, it still feels that can contribute to what it calls the most ambitious machine. Learning business ever, Jeff Gilbert, w w j NewsRadio nine a Michigan public, universities like ferris, steaks and central Michigan. Say student enrollment is down, but they're working to boost their numbers. Steven Johnson is the vice president for enrollment and student services at central Michigan university. He says when unemployment rates are at their lowest people do not have the same need to pursue advanced educational opportunities. But Johnson says despite the drop CMU continues to offer rewarding. Educational opportunity make adjustments where we need to. But we'd make sure that that does not compromise. The learning experience and Johnson says CMU is seeing more and more interest in people wanting to take part in its satellite campuses, and in online platforms a lengthy prison. Sentences ahead for local man in the killing of a transgender woman, Detroit. Judges sentenced Antoine Simmons to eighteen to forty five years behind bars after he was convicted of being responsible in the death of Kelly sto- in December Simmons attacks sto as she was walking near mcnichols and brush, and apparently beat the victim multiple times installer. Purse. Stow died from injuries suffered in that robbery. And the phantom of the opera set a record on Broadway. Running for more than thirty years. Now, the smash musical is returning to.

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