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Show. Louisa Thomas's overwhelming new work biography follows the adventures of Louisa Adams, Louisa Johnson Adams, born seventeen seventy five to the Johnsons American and British mother and father. She is now marriage John Quincy Adams, his father, John Adams has just has just been defeated for the pre in the presidency by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams is now going home and it's unclear what their fate is. But Louisa with child George Washington Adams is finally to come face to face with what we know she didn't understand Abigail Adams, Louisa, they they get home. And Louisa goes off to her family. The Johnson's in Washington John Quincy immediately racist north to Massachusetts does. Louisa our heroin. Does. She object to the fact that John Quincy is going to leave her so quickly and race to his mother. She. It was tough on her that she felt like, you know, she wants to see her family, and he sent her actually south by herself and she begged him begged him to come. She actually didn't even tell her family that he wasn't planning on it. And she convinces that you know, he comes and gets her and then brings her north himself. And you know, it's a long journey in those days you've to understand between the trip between Boston Washington, six something like three weeks, right normal circumstances. Leaving October thirtieth and arriving Boston November twenty fifth. Yes. Almost more than three weeks more than three weeks. I was actually somewhat she she complain that you know, they were if they were going any slower they'd be crawling. She complained that he was kind of yanking her top speed was something about their mental states at that moment and they arrive in Quincy, Massachusetts and Louisa gets her. I look at the household of John former ex president of the United States and Abigail Adams, and you write that Luisa is utterly astonished. What did she see? How did she regard Abigail? It's amazing. It's let's see she later rates but had she stepped onto Noah's ark. She could not have been more, honest and feet. This is a woman with lived all over the world or know the western world. So the idea that Quincy is the most exotic place no world, you know, it's kind of amazing Abigail she had a kind of distrustful relationship. But I. You know, thought of her is not American thought of her as a quote, finally and Louisa kinda was made to feel her different Abigail gave her pleats of fine preserves instead of instead of what everyone else is eating and police have no idea how to run a New England household. She just had no idea, and it was traumatic. She felt like she couldn't suit the detail that Louisa learned when she went to Washington is important here when she met her father living in Georgetown. He was shrunken. And lined an aged what's wrong with him Louisa. Dying for one thing. You know, he he. Yeah. It's unclear you know, again, doctors medical records. We can't we can't diagnose diagnose in the same way. You know, who knows actually what's wrong with him gallstones, maybe something that chocolate suggested. But really he's kind of broken heart. I mean, he is he has no money his former partners doing him. He keeps waiting for money to come through it doesn't. And he knows that he's going to leave his family indus-, destitute, basically. Yeah. No. It's a it's a terrible moment. John Quincy, however is also anxious about his future. So Louise's going between these two families the Johnson's in the atoms and the atoms have had tragedy. One of their sons is dead their daughters. Nabis husband has abandoned her. So there are troubles in all directions Louise's recording. All this. She's our she's are time travelers what she she reports to us and again, and again, I'm struck by. She's not modern, but she sees the the tensions in a fashion with we use psychological language. She does not she uses the language of Roma of the romantic age by eighteen o free. John Quincy has been appointed. By the legislature to be a Senator in Washington hamels Louisa are Louisa the heroin. How does she regard going to Washington with a Senator? Interesting..

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