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The emotional side of pro wrestling is why we're fans because more guide mostly invested. I'm gonNA tell everybody knows the story of me being nineteen years old and falling over a barricade and I drink a giant. Picking me up and putting me on the other side of the barricade. You fast forward to this past Saturday. I'm in Los Angeles and I'm sitting next. Andres daughter and Andrei had his hall of fame. Ring he also had they are they are. They had a jacket that Andrei war one his suits and I was able to put on. Andres jacket his ring on top of my ring and take some photos that I sent to you so you can put on on the Sirius. Xm Page it got emotional for me. Sure like I'M. I was visibly emotional. Circle yeah his daughter was like. Oh my God stop it. Now's Kane as like this is this is this is my graceland like it was it was real and that's what. Randy did to thousands. Even millions of people that saw him in that moment an mark as we sit here talking about this dance in this moment. Between Randy Orton. Well your dance is only as good as your partner. And Oh my God Beth. Beth Phoenix needs to get a shit load of credit. And I say shitload because I want the effect there. That was master flea masterfully executed by Beth Phoenix the emotion on her face. The tears welling in her eyes their reaction to each line. That randy dropped. While at least bombshell it was organic. It was real. It was in the moment and Orton. Fed off that in fact mark. I'll go as far as to say without Beth Phoenix. I don't know if Randy is is even remotely as successful in that angle is. He was because I felt like he was feeding off a Beth. And you know what that's why. Why is there not an emmy for pro wrestling performance of the year? Let's talk show the best performance in a wrestling show like it's ridiculous to force performances. I've seen a thousand performances in movies where they didn't get remotely close to the motion that random. Beth put forward remotely close big movies. You know like the Oscar races like it's ridiculous come on. You can't tell me that you look down on wrestling so much that you can see the art you can't see the the entertainment value wrestling presents. You can see the Batista's the giant Cena's the rock. These guys go to Hollywood and they become Hollywood. Keep a Lotta here. And there's more people can get the job done. Put Sam Zane in their bray. Wyatt and Bray Wyatt Charlotte flair and one of the most believable female wrestlers. That come along in a long long time and I can really really see like I shoot hot. When Oscar starts speaking Japanese I don't understand what she's saying but I'm angry and I'm like why are you laughing at fake laugh and it's intentional is very? I don't respect you laugh. You you bore me and talking about guys. Throughout History Guy Right Piper was so good. He was such a natural the Ebony cane to performing acting and he was taken away twosome. But I guarantee you if you would have put him in roles where he would have had the elevators game he would have just remember his mark mark before and not to cut you off before the rock before seen right before there was any that we had Roddy Piper John Carpenter and they live I mean he will he broke into. I mean He. He kicked a door of Hollywood in. He was a a a transcendent force. And you're absolutely right. His his absence still felt to this day. Rip Roddy Piper truly one of the greats and really laid the table for everyone else to follow in many many ways still to this day. One of the greatest heels if not the greatest. He'll that this business has ever seen and he could easily jump over and be a baby face the the versatility of Roddy Piper. And that's that is a great way to end the segment because We'll hell wins a bad time to give the CAP told Hot Rod. Thanks for listening catches Monday to Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm by Nation Channel. One fifty six. The busted open podcast..

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