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Dodger kept off the board the top the links should al lefthander jp shears will try to match the scoreless i turned in by right hander tony debris the fourth time that these two starting pitcher shift based on head to head in a game that has already featured thirteen meetings between the yankees and the mets affiliates in the south of laennec league this year so once again to face the firefly's it's the south carolina kit gp sears for the first time he will do it within thirty forty minutes of his hometown in nearby sumpter south carolina gp sears or product of wilson hall high school was originally drafted in the eleventh round of the citadel program located in charleston that shares their home games stadium joe rally parts here's a twenty two year old in his second pro season he is owen ford with a two five earnedrun average eat games seven starts he's worked forty innings with thirty seven strikeouts and seven walks one seventy opponent batting average against the tough lefty the taken some tough luck losses this year old for four looking for his first win is he yankee farmhand e deals a first pitch strike to the outer third on rafael do canadian right fielder batting two eighty seven and riding a nineteen game hitting streak as sears deals again to the outside corner painting his spot with a fastball touching ninety miles per hour ahead oh two the do reaching base of three forty one clip homerless with nineteen rbi he watches when wide year one volunteers.

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