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That is a lot of money at is a lot of money Mike God. So why is it that a regular season college basketball game between number one and number eight is this much money? It's one player Zion. Williamson. That's it. Zion. Williamson is so freaking marketable. He was marketable before he came to the Duke blue devils because he had an Instagram account, which was pretty darn unbelievable. All those ducks the crazy, Doug. I'm said. Could fly through the air. I can't wait to see him. Break. A backboard one of these days. It hasn't quite happened yet but Zion Williamson if you spend sixteen hundred dollars on a ticket tonight. You might see his head hit the rim that could be something you say tonight. Yeah. That could actually happen. We haven't seen that happen. All right. So look Zion. Williamson obviously, extremely marketable. And that is amazing. The fact that a regular season college basketball game between number one versus number eight. You have to spend so much money to see it. This is why teams in the NBA tech. This is why the NBA starts up on Thursday again. Okay. It starts up tonight. And then we go into Friday, and then we have more games throughout the weekend. And that's how scheduling works today. I think today's Wednesday. I'm sorry today is Wednesday. This is what is the problem when you work overnight? You forget the days so tomorrow tomorrow the side effect of alcoholism. Do you think that that's a problem with me? I'm not judging. I'm not judging here. Have you seen me trick? I was such a random comment. Have you ever had a drink in front of you do the one time, I hung out with socially? You did bring the beer. Yeah. Then I left with here. So. I had to go. What what what are we talking? We're we're talking about memory loss is that what side effects of alcoholism. What were you talking about? What was I talking about? Yeah. Forgetting what day was forgetting what it was. Yeah. I forgot that. I even forgot what day it was. It's not a good sign. All right. Let me get back to my point before Jacob to railway there say that I've been alcoholic the Bill Welke bucks. I do enjoy the seven beers. I do. I do enjoy that. You know, that's something that I like to do the what you just.

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