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And adversity will reveal you It won't make you as much as it will reveal you And now in the new campaign shields telling people it's such an honor to be my age and to be represented I feel the magnitude of it more There's a knowledge that comes with age and this feels less like a job and more like a privilege And she'll say she got a confidence boost from doing intense 5 a.m. workouts with her trainer and preparation for that shoot She says she just wanted to feel good when she saw the photos and she wanted that campaign to be a true reflection of her best self at this age The issue of People magazine hits newsstands on Friday The world's best female basketball players returning to Seattle next season with his bill Schwartz reports free agent rules create an uncertain future for stewie There were rumors Brianna Stewart was headed back to her home state of New York to play for the liberty Really No There wasn't a chance that I was going to go anywhere else All star league and Finals MVP Olympic gold medalist Brianna Stewart has laid down strong roots ever since the storm drafted her number one in 2016 Seattle has been my home Seattle is where my family has been made A family that now includes wife Marta and daughter ruby may Stewie was an unrestricted free agent for the first time and while dedicated to Seattle checked out the competition For agency to be honest really reminded me of when I was being recruited in high school But it was just an opportunity for me to kind of see what other organizations are doing what other franchises are doing Well reasons to stay with the storm include a great fan base in a new climate pledge arena Her encore championship chemistry and off court friendship with dual Lloyd and suburb As you guys can see in free agency we are definitely in win now mode And we want to make sure that we're contending for another championship As well as appreciating this much time as we have on the court with soup Stewie only signed a one year free agent deal with Seattle How come Well the WNBA's collective bargaining agreement discourages players from competing overseas And if they report late to WNBA training camps they would be suspended for a season To be able to play overseas in your MMC Catherine Burke where basketball is very valued where treated really really well able to make a lot of money It's just hard for me because with the prioritization you're cutting off one of my sources of income So this spring the world's best woman basketball player will once again wear a Seattle storm uniform In 2023 could be a different story I'm Bill Schwartz northwest news radio Your money at 20 and 50 past the hour on northwest news radio A couple of Seattle based companies have come out with quarterly results and earnings from both Expedia and Zillow were better than expected Shares of both companies are pushing higher Solidly higher and after hours trading Expedia swung to a profit in the fourth quarter and adjusted 1.6 cents a share with the online travel company's revenue hitting $2.28 billion At Zillow the online real estate company's revenue more than quadrupled from the year earlier period thanks to strong sales of underwater homes In the markets regular session stock suffered broad and sharp losses with technology shares leading the retreat the S&P 500 fell 83 points the down industrials tumbled 526 and the tech heavy NASDAQ composite slid 304 or 2.1% That's your money now I'm Jim chesko northwest news radio Here are your political insights for maybe see news President Biden is once again acknowledging inflation is at a historic level after the Labor Department revealed consumer prices have reached a 40 year high Food prices are up Working to bring them down as well The president says passing his stalled build back better plan in Congress will address inflation but Democrat Joe Manchin has refused to support the bill We have basically an economy that's on fire You don't throw more fuel on the fire that's already on fire Manchin warns lawmakers to quote proceed with caution Former president Trump has denying he flushed official records down The White House toilets and denies any wrongdoing as the House oversight committee formerly launches an investigation into his handling of White House records the committee is looking into a potential violation of the presidential records act after the national archives revealed a retrieved 15 boxes of White House records from Trump's Florida residents saying he improperly took them when he left office House January 6th investigators have discovered that Trump had a habit of shredding White House records faith of ube ABC News Washington Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee met with president Thursday to talk about the Supreme Court with President Biden's pledge to nominate the court's first black woman senator Sheldon whitehouse a Rhode Island Democrat said everyone is aware that they're on the verge of making history We look forward to a prompt and respectful confirmation process White House told reporters that they're going to work hard to get a confirmation as quickly as possible Northwest news radio traffic from the dubin law group traffic center At earlier crash it rent and we are watching eastbound on Dorothy's fourth street at Duval avenue northeast has been cleared away and traffic is moving through.

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