A new story from Miller Lite Football Night in Chicago


The work day for the champions of the National League the Washington nationals leading offered shortest rate charter that any second right field out of me hitting third and playing third Anthony Randall one Soto was to clean up everything play last batting fifteen D. H. E. tonight is how we can address that in six that second base as ruble Carrera Ryan Zimmerman a first base that it's seven Kurt Suzuki is the catcher would help at eight at about at night in center field Victor rollers pitching tonight with the Washington nationals three time Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer for the Astros the champions of the American League leading off in center field George Springer Jose L. two very who with the series winning home run against the Yankees will play second and that second again tonight at eight thirty left fielder Michael Brantley Alex Bregman a third batting fifth at first base you agree AL batting six the shortstop is Carlos Correa eighty seven thirty eight for your done Alvarez that'd be a good catchy Martine Maldonado at about a night the right fielder Josh Reddick all around at night the presumptive Cy Young Award winner in the American League this year Gerrit Cole who went twenty five with a two fifty E. R. A. and seeing if it's possible has stepped it up in the post season he's created over the array of zero point four zero Caesar and his greatest Justin her lander is their tool a pretty easy choice for game one as J. J. watt of the Houston Texans is making him even crazier than they already were here in a minute maid park he is the official play ball guy and you know what a guy that big sis play ball you play ball god that.

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