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Yeah it was a guy on the stairs. Joe shoots three times and it's like point blank shoots him. I don't think the guy new windows remember in. I don't know. I mean we've all seen mortal combat right. So do you remember when casts guests on right so remember when the introduced johnny cage and he he gives the guy a jumping roundhouse kick to the face. Yeah he says this is the part where you're supposed to fall down. That should have happened in this movie when he shoots these henchmen. Are you die now. I shot three times. You're dead movies. So then zadar takes out a newsy and just start shooting. Everyone even his own men and then throws a grenade under one of the cars. And then leaves. And jill and frank celebrates the murders. I i don't understand with a grenade when they toss it. I believe joan. Frank runaway inches. Leave the guy there instead of grabbing him you know. Let him blow up well. He's probably dead at that point. The darshana everybody. Everyone does really bad special effects things exploding on shirt as he was shot but they they actually blow up the car which i was kinda surprised that and that's the first kind of awkward scene between joe and frank when they talk about frank being black. Charcoal your ass. You'd have to worry about that. Only ended the they high five over it. The time. Five worthy frank back the precinct captains having some sort of mental breakdown and joe goes back to the restaurant talk. Jennifer tries to figure out her relationship the fujiyama. She tells him that. Fujiyama helped out her and her mother after her father passed away. Joe tells her. The fujiyama is dealing drugs and they have a long conversation to try and get a date. She was blowing them off. He's she's too busy or she's going to church. As joe goes to leave he gets it caused by a bunch of dudes jump suits that have orders to break both his legs so he beats the shit out of all of them and then one of them runs away.

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