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When it comes to the privatization of what it actually does it refocuses all the previous accusations against drops another going over all trump before getting to buy you a story you're not biting the big stories all the past accusations against us all good and this check the the all yeah the lady with the dress of course they're doing that this is Monica lo talking today with Tammy Simmons from machine specialties incorporated you're growing your work force through apprenticeship and see tell me more about that we make parts that go on aircraft satellites and helicopters and medical so how did the police that we use are the most highly skilled and highly trained and the job market just really hasn't been able to reduce the amount that we needed to continue to grow and to replace the ones that are retiring and another company told you about apprenticeship and see how long did it take you to get off the ground and running with them about six months to get going now we have over thirty six companies including two minutes of how deep the city of high point in the city of Greensboro the tree crew didn't become apprentices in use on the network for now a lot of people notice but North Carolina apprenticeship is being looked at all over the country and that's why more companies are interested Tammy Simmons with machine specialties incorporated thank you thank you apprenticeship NC dot com to start your registered apprenticeship program KSM ninety elements wrangles available everywhere with the I.

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