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Pepper's lonely hearts called ban hard to believe fifty years go today when nineteen sixty seven may team anna feeling like an old that i know white thing lay and that of course there about a hug ron reissues now remastered all sorts there's a big box at out now with all sorts of goodies butch otter thirty bucks run i just bought it now it's a it's got a lot out takes and remove literally am religiously open have a a poopie jeff just bought it now so but the a great of law i would say probably a pet sounds of the beach boys of sergeant pepper's lonely hearts called band of those were two of the of the driving forces about as far as creative a recording of techniques at the light nickel technique nece when the beatles worst came out of the came over to this country of what have you a lot of people there were the there was no in between either people thought they were a passing fancy as some did or that they were the greatest thing since lice bread dwell turns out the latter was true i i probably of told the story before but years ago when or actually we for this in in the why i came back to the east coast after working out of the west coast and radio and i was working at one hundred cage i am in ocean city i was working for a guy that used to host a show of i won't maamum he's gone now these pass but he was a of his on the air in pokomo city and he played the the first the beatles record would i came out i want to hold your hand he played it on the air and then he proceeded to take the record off the turntable snap it in half and says the vis this bad this group will will never go anywhere they will about to nothing the have that workout will work and he just he went on to display his broadcast knowledge for the rest of his career to i was working at the big.

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