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S a huge series. And I know each time that I've come on here in the evening over the last couple of weeks. I've said they're giant series. They're big games. That's the way it is. When you're in the hunt for Red October, hyper buddy, Cory Lopez. Glad you're here might over the phone lines up here a little bit tonight. But coming up a little bit later on. We will talk with baseball writer, Tracy, wrangles me. He's going to join us here. A regular on Rockies all access, of course. And we're gonna talk a little bit about this race that continues on and as we move through the week. We'll head out to Shabazz Rabin, and we'll also hook up with our doc is well about potential injuries, you know, knocking on wood that that doesn't happen. Whereas big win for the Rockies yesterday. And again, I know doom and gloom here. It's a three game series. It's against divisional opponent out there at AT and T park and the Rockies got what they needed and that was to get a win kind of stop the bleeding a little bit. It felt like unable to score any runs barely be able to get any hits at anything. But they figured out a way to get it done coming up here. A little bit later on we mentioned, Tracy wrangles be. We are also going to be taking a look at what other teams are doing. And what they need to do here over the next. Why don't we get a dozen games essentially left for the Rockies and just a handful of series that are left to take a look at the other teams Rockies are facing a look at the road that they have at a down the road again Rockies on captured seven thirty it'll be the first a three-game series, the Rockies and the dodgers. And as we talk tonight the Rockies a half game lead in the National League West. Let's talk about what happened yesterday and Tonio sends the tell put the foot down a little bit and swung the bat. Two two n a line drive.

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