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And we just absolutely love hearing from you. All right. It's time for the shadow Orson Welles for a short time we played Lamont Cranston alias the shadow and Agnes Moorehead who was and Dora and be witched was the lovely Margot lane. His psychic like, you're my my sidekick, I'll be Margo lane any day my lane. And the shadow came to radio in the nineteen thirties. But it was not like he wasn't a superhero or like, you know, could cloud men's minds or anything. He was just a narrator of stories out of street and Smith magazine, but by nineteen thirty seven they revamped the whole show and made him the central character. They made him Lamont Cranston. This wealthy young man about town. He had this girlfriend Margot lane. She was the only person that knew that Lamont Cranston was really the shadow or vice versa. The shadow was really on my Cranston and Lamont, Cranston. Had learned the power to cloud your mind. It was a hypnotic power. He could cloud anyone's mind and make himself invisible. To that person a used that power to fight crime. He would you know creep people out he'd come into the room invisible. And each year a murderer. I know you're a murderer, blah, blah, blah, and they people would freak out and kind of confess, and that's what. He used to do. So it was a whole show about that. And it was very popular that would work if only that simple, very popular show. Orson Welles was the first Lamont Cranston. But then he got so popular with the war of the world, and he was making citizen Kane. He left the radio show. Then Bill Johnson took it over John Archer brat Morrison. So I think you're gonna like this. This isn't Orson Welles episode. It's called the power of the mind. It's from April twenty fourth nineteen thirty eight here's part one now of the shadow. Knows. Oh, man. No. Shadow.

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