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Technologies provides growing businesses with the tools to do incredible things. For advice on smart PCs powered by Intel V pro that's built for business called a Dell Technologies provider at 8 7 7 ask Dell. Slower clock trains. Call Michael and son and get $100 off a trained cleaning today. Traffic and weather on the 8s over to read a Kessler in the WTO traffic center. Thanks Bruce right now. You're still gonna have to watch out for slick spots on the roadways even if it's not actively raining. We've been having a lot of wrecks on ramps, so your bridge is your ramps, you're overpasses, please watch out for the slick spots. Now, if you're on the beltway, it was the outer loop at Georgia avenue, the crash had been along the right side, looks like they've managed to move everything over to the right shoulder, not really seeing much of a delay right now, but it is something that might cause a little bit of a distraction. The inner loop near route 50 in Maryland that crash should be cleared. Now in the district, it is outbound in New York avenue at New Jersey avenue, the broken down vehicle, in the center of the roadway, it had been causing a little bit of volume coming out of the northbound third street tunnel. We're starting to see a bit of a delay on the southbound Baltimore Washington Parkway coming from kenworth avenue trying to head on to D.C. two 95, so watch for anything in that area that may have popped up. In Virginia, eastbound 66 the ramped route 7 had been a report of a wreck also the work on 66, the work near nutley is gone eastbound 66. Eastbound before 28 and centerville there had been some work along the left side and westbound 66 after 50. It was a single lane getting by the work. Northbound 28 that ramp to eastbound 66 was blocked for the work in the Fredericksburg area Lee drive was closed between lands down road and Lafayette boulevard for a crash investigation and on transit this morning Mark Penn line train four O one has a 15 to 25 minute delay right now due to dispatcher signal issues. I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic. Your forecast now from Chad Merrill. It's a cloudy morning, occasional spotty drizzle temperatures holding near 60°, we keep this theme going through the

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