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All Right Joe. Let's go and they're off folks on a just a separate for you could start over. This week will be an interesting series of shows. I will get most of the men. I hope but we've had a bit of a family emergency. I'll talk about it more during the week. It's I don't want anybody to be worried about. We're okay It's not anything it's not an emergency or anything but I should set a family. Marination said that but you get what I'm saying. It's a little hard for me to talk about right now. We're still kind of adjusting to what happens. So I'll have more details as the week goes on But just hang with us this week. Please just ask you to be patient with me and the show you always. Are you the best audience in the world. And I appreciate that all right getting onto the content so Virginia. Yeah where they're black face wearing or Klu Klux Klan Hood wearing governor We don't know which one That's not a joke. Unfortunately I wish it were but it's not Uh we had that horrible picture of a Democrat Liberal Governor Route Ralph North and we still can't figure out who he is in. That photo is trying to engage with some draconian level gun confiscation measures and the good citizens of Virginia are in having it. I'm getting live updates from there thankfully which isn't surprising surprising to me or Joe Rabi else in the room at all. It is a largely peaceful rally. Because that's what concealed carry weapons permit holders and Second Amendment supporters are again none of that shocking to me. I'm getting updates via pictures videos. Everything it is a largely peaceful rally. It is packed. It is jammed down there and I just want to quickly say be very very careful down there. I'm not worried about the second amendment supporters at all. I never am have lower rates of of criminality than police officers. I'm not kidding. They are largely peaceful people interested in their big our God given right to defend themselves in their family. I'm concerned about leftist. Agitators in the crowd trying to instigate a fight. Now Luckily these second amendment supporters again are largely a mature adult audience. Who again is defending big? Our God given rights and is interested in getting into petty back and forth with falls. Just please be careful out out there. I know a lot of you. Listen to my show and watch my show. Don't get baited by a lot of these leftist agitators. Who will look at a cause trouble to put black guy in the entire event moving on just putting that out there for you if I didn't have some decent Intel on it I wouldn't put it out nonsense on this show? Yeah all right so this weekend. Can Senator David Purdue. Republican was on with the second dumbest guy in media as we know. Joe Chuck Todd in the dopey. Olympic Chuck is always close second and no matter in the dopey decathlon the dopey hundred meter the dopey four hundred meter swim freestyle whatever. It may be chuck. Todd is always always just a sliver behind the dumbest guy in media. Who is Joe knows? Is Brian from CNN. And every time chuck trains and and does something to like flexes dopey Muscles and you think Chuck Scott chance to take an golden the dopey Olympics stelter Costanza always magically beats. Beats About Stealth is commitment to stupidity is unparalleled. He's like Iraqi of stupidity in the rocky. Three Oh you know. Remember what Apollo running down the beach here stealth ooh close.

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