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This is just a a weird tragic evil story that we're about to talk about. But everybody's talking about it here in the valley. There is a woman who is in a vegetative state who's in a long term care facility, and she has been there for ten years. She just gave birth to a child that up. It doesn't it doesn't. So obviously you want to know what happened here. I wanna know what happened here. There's no question about what happened. She was. She was raped, obviously. But who is the person who did it? Well, police are still looking they don't know because these this healthcare facility doesn't have any cameras nobody can figure out who is in the room. Why were they in the room when did this while they can obviously extrapolate this happened nine months ago too? But you brought up a great point. Is this a one time only way, and that's what it's bad enough that that this woman was violated and. Maybe even knew what was happening. You just don't know knows. Yeah. There's no way. This was a one time thing. Sight easy to get pregnant. This probably happened several times numerous times. Okay. And nobody knew that she was pregnant until Saturday morning. I don't get that. How do you know nine months? She was moaning she was in labor. So people that take care of this woman did not notice that there was a baby growing. I don't know. I don't get it. I don't know much about this place. But I would never send anybody there that I know well, let me in their defense. Let me let me let me tell you that if someone is in a vegetative state, you're not gonna check. I mean, you're not gonna run tests or give them a bunch of stuff. It's the truth. Goodness, gracious, nine months pregnant, and they go true. But it's not as though she's got somebody testing her weekly or whatever. But you would think after awhile boy, she's gaining weight right in the middle jas, something, right? But I don't know. I just don't understand how how do you find who the perpetrator is with no cameras? How nothing about a log of people that came in starting nine months. It may have been a visitor visiting somebody else. How about a log of people who came in? I'm I mean, obviously, you're gonna look for the employee's. You're going to look at the employees and figure out. Okay was but if it's not an employee, then is it a visitor? Is it a custodian is it somebody who works maybe is in the in the cafeteria someone who had visited her many times wreck to someone that she knew previously and in. This this pig decided, okay? I don't know, man. The whole this whole thing is off who gets the child who's taking care of this child. Right. Because if they if she doesn't have family who can take care of it, obviously the dad isn't gonna come forward has seen that he's gonna get he's going to go to jail rape charge. Right. So so take the data out of it where does this child go? This child may be in foster care right now. We don't know the police are on it. They're investigating. They have got to find who this pig. Absolutely. He has got to go to jail. He's got to be punished. I just don't this is this is like a Bill Cosby thing Bill Cosby would get women drug them get them to pass out. And then he violate right while they were totally out. This is the most disgusting story. I can make it is. All right. Coming up. Sheriff Paul Penzone has made a statement about an investigation by the MCS. Oh, we've got the latest at five o'clock KTAR news expansion, fifteen minutes of commercial free. Non stop news. Traffic and weather is next. Hey, join me tonight, Phoenix, we talk government shutdown..

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