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People would still be starving i guess they'd be happy and starving which is better than being unhappy and starving but not much better so you still want to fix the basic that people need enough to eat okay but once you take care of that the big the big inequality in the world as i see it is the happiness differential the fact that some people are happy and some people are not what can we do how can we implement universal basic happiness well i think we have a hint here in this story that was over on motherboard wire heading the strange experiment from the nineteen fifties wired pleasure directly into the brain of course we've talked about this numerous times it's been done with rats lots of lab experiments with rats but in the nineteen fifties a scientist at tulane university of louisiana actually tried this out with people and i think it's been repeated with human subjects a few times after that and you can actually wire people's brains in such a way that you can hit a button and stimulate the pleasure centers and basically people can be happy all the time right happiness is literally just a push of the button away now if this technology exists all we have to do is clean it up a little right because i mean it's probably pretty sloppy the way it was done in the fifties and we live in the twenty first century i'm sure there's an elegant way of getting these things installed in our heads and nice battery packs we could carry around but basically just let everyone have an interface whereby they can make themselves happy right give give yourself a little jolt to happiness then if you aren't one of the rich people in the world don't worry about it just be happy right hit the button right if you're not getting any sex isn't doesn't matter just hit the button and you're happy anyway so why wouldn't that be the solution.

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