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The ways terrorist group linked and destroy art she discovered that other lawyers also had collections of art from guantanamo attorney alka prodan is represented several detainees over the years every single one at are a bit by john j college of criminal justice his mission is there in its name to study crime and justice it's galleries show works by us prison inmates and foreign dicle dissidents another show up right now celebrating nine eleven first responders there are eight artist in the guantanamo show four have been released a few years ago the men started turning out still lives sculptures and pastoral scenes but most of all images of the see the cells at guantanamo or just yards away from the caribbean but thompson says the sees usually hidden eric tarps covering all the fences they can smell it they can hear it they can't see it then three years ago a hurricane approached cuba and the tarps came down so for four days it could see the ocean for some detainees from landlocked afghanistan it was the first time the men built model boats painted seascapes and oil and pastel and rendered to depictions of the titanic one of them in gravel insane and gathered from the exercise yard the film titanic is one of the few available to detainees from the camp library of the nearly three dozen pieces in the exhibit just one is an abstract work from a distance it looks like brightly coloured candied buttons swirling down in a way into avoid upon closer examination there's an inscription vertigo in guantanamo page laino is one of the shows curator it looks fine on the surface but there's a lot of lake very tortured pencil marks than it's i mean it as a black hole it's a fun colored buckle the artist is a morale baluchi the only socalled highvalue detainee in the show he distributed money that the alqaeda conspirators used to carry out the nine eleven attacks a military commission is set to triumph on charges that carry the death penalty attorney out a production represents l baluchi and loan the.

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