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Daley University, Illinois. Chicago is doing this oral history and It's objective. The Daily family It's coming up at four o'clock. Very interesting insights. The things we may not have ever known about about Richard J and Richard M. Daley. So big deal Plus, Dr Jim Answer. Northwestern will be here as well. We'll get an update on where we stand here as the the nation. Had, actually, interestingly enough, the lowest number of covert positive tests. Over this weekend, you know for a single day of new cases, but that's the experts are saying Well, that doesn't mean I think is the weekend numbers are different because of the numbers of tests and how the lab's working Tim Labs don't report. And blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But you could see there are places that are getting better quickly. And then there's places that are getting worse, faster California being one of them, And then there's Illinois, which seems to be sneaking up a little bit and their people are making noise about making some changes here. And in the meantime, the question is in Washington. If we are going to get shut down or slowed down again, nationally or locally here Are we going to get money? Congressman Raja is with us Roger Krishnamurthy. And he's going to answer that question right now. Are we going to get this thing done today? I hope so. I think we can't wait any longer. I think there's a couple areas of general agreement that they're still several where there's not general agreement and we just got to get to yes. What is your sense about? Yes, Um My sense about it is I think that there are a couple areas where I think we just have to, um, you know, make sure that we understand that the consequences of not doing these things is going further harm the economy, not, you know, extending a federal unemployment benefit bump. Not doing state and local funding. You know, those are going to leave that massive problems for the economy on top of the ones we already have. Right. We're all with you on the argument. That's not the question. Can these people your colleagues in both the House side and the Senate side get together and do some before midnight tonight? Um, I don't see that happening tonight. I I wish I could say yes, I think that, um they still I'll just give you an example. I know that within the Republican caucus in the Senate They're still trying to figure out exactly what they can get enough senators to agree on within their own caucus, let alone you know in the entire Senate, let alone the entire Congress. And so when you have that kind of those kind of factions brewing, that's where you know becomes even stick here in terms of the negotiations. Okay? And they go with Senate goes away tomorrow, right on like they're going to a picnic or something. What's happening? I think the their session adjourns this Friday. I believe, or at least later this week. Yeah, so that's why it's all the more important it can get something done this week, so you don't have to call people back in the session. And take it. Could you extend a session? Um, I don't know. I don't know the answer to that on the Senate side on the house side. Ah, there's a little more. I think you can, but I don't know. I don't know the rule on the Senate side, okay? That's all right. With every congressman wakes up in the morning. Look, Cimarron says Hello, Senator and every senator wakes up. It looks in the mirror and says Hello, Mr President. All right, well, maybe we'll get there some some point But do you have so just in general, If we have a week to work this out roughly Fish there. There's something's gonna have to happen. It's an election year. I find it very hard to believe that Republicans and Democrats can't get together to start just handing out checks to people that they want to vote for them. Well, I think that you've raised a point and you know, right now, I think good. Good. Possum does make good politics and good policy is you've got to keep you guys make sure people can keep food on the table and meet their rent and Take care necessities. And so I think that's something that I wish that the White House would realize instead of drawing kind of arbitrary lines in the stand right now, well way. I don't know what is anything arbitrary in Washington? It's an arbitrary line, but there's always some politics Example example. Steve Mnuchin, you know today talked about, um, you know, we can't You know, extend unemployment benefits or provide certain other compensation because it would massively raised the debt, okay? We're kind of in a situation where, you know, Essentially, we're fighting a war against this insidious, invisible enemy called the Corona virus, And we've gotta win that war and Talking about debt right now, In going from like, you know, 2 304 $100 or $500 extra for these people who you know, can't put food on the table. I am not a good argument today. In my opinion, I okay. Hold on a second conversation. Come right back to Congressman. Actually, Christian Murthy is with us. We'll also get some phone calls in 312 1972 100 on the other side, I would like to ask him. How is it even remotely possible that Jack's not going to fly here again? I'm gonna try one more pass at that. But first, because I think that everybody's negotiating, but first year's Marie Vandeveld, she's.

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