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Handled the pandemic. There are some who are there's not a lot of moderate Democrats left really in the Legislature either a to this stage. But there are a couple who own businesses, restaurants who were assisting specifically concerned about this latest restriction, which is narrowed. They think you kind of the small business industry and those restaurants marked bullet comes to mind. And he was one that the governor. Actually he doesn't support us a certain taxes that the governor wants to get passed over. You're either and the governor came out and supported a different Democrat for his seat this year, But he took his seat by like 55 votes, I think or something. Wow. So that, isn't she? Well, hopefully, that doesn't end up in a public hearing because I would love to hear the arguments going that way. Uh, so, Kimmy client isn't looking any 5 30. Is it looking kind of bad out there? You're headed north of Seattle or Bellevue. But in Bellevue, we have an accident south on four or 55. 20 last heard it was blocking both toll lanes. But most of the traffic is south of there getting towards Newcastle, though even getting towards Newcastle. It is actually getting better. It's Spokane Street ramp to south and five is partially blocked by an accident in cell five anyway, is gonna be backed up from Lake City way up to that point. South and 167 at Jovita. There was a stalled semi partially blocking the exit. It sounds like that's been cleared, but expect the way south of Auburn expected lays on I five south of 18 all the way through five. Both directions of I five are busy actually around two comas. You approach the Puyallup River Bridge. The support is sponsored by Emerald Queen Casino. Emerald Queen Casino is now open and joyous, safe, clean and comfortable escape or we all win. Let's keep the curve flat together. Emerald Queen Casino, the entertainment capital of the northwest, Cairo Radio, Real time traffic and Kimi Klein. Have been fed. That's a fact have been. That's a fact. Credit card purchases. Give me cash back for purchases. Give me cash back. No one else gets these reboard sergeant, that is just playing us through. What in Tarnation, Sir. Pen fits para cash rewards card isn't just for military members. Anyone can get cash back on all purchases. Figgins, you've ruined my favorite song. Penn.

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