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I thought we went into the fountain of youth with six forces who probably had some Dake and claim to three year old trail, and we left with five of those of course, global campaign now sideline, but I thought five horses came out of the fountain of youth of reason to keep going, you know, and of become ran better than than I probably gave him credit for and a good third place finish. So he's among that five signalman did just enough in the gal out and finished up. Okay. With with this style, in the way, Kenny trained him it made sense. And the public bought it completely. They bought the trainer talking that offense that let signalman going and overlay price and he didn't run great. But he ran well enough to think that he'll do better next time in the bluegrass stakes and he'll have to. But I think that's the plan for Kenny. He's playing the long game with that one. And then of course, you know, the what we saw with. The favorite. I thought hidden scroll rain a good race. I mean, running fourth maybe not what we saw in the debut, and the Joel dropper, but definitely encouraging enough that, you know, this isn't one that you scratch off after that performance for sure and the top two I thought ran really well code of honor bounced back nicely. And and should you know, things weren't white was code of honor last year. Right. You supposed to run in the Breeders Cup juvenile. He didn't get there. The fall campaign to start the back then towards a winner campaign starts in the Muccio macho man and a one mile that kind of not really would you expect with an A-List horse to come back in the Muccio macho man should didn't have quite site. There. Remember, this is like a may twenty third or may twenty fifth bowl in code of honor. So that could explain a lot of his end of the two year old year problems. And maybe he's just now starting to find himself. So that's a good sign, and I thought the runner up bourbon Warren one of the most encouraging races. I I don't think it was, you know, pay related. He ran as well as I thought he finished up very strong Mickley down the backstretch. He was in the mix not like in the leave mix. But he was amongst those stalkers funny thing about this race is it looks like a pace meltdown because gladiator king ended up last by a mile in there in the fountain of youth, but of the horses who were among the top five going down the backstretch four of them ended up in the top five is wires. So it wasn't a complete meltdown race good horses. Ran their races for the most part. And I think it's an courage in rates moving forward for a lot of them. I felt the same way and we talked extensively yesterday everybody that that came through and we all had including frankly, shook himself he showed shook said that he thought everybody acquitted themselves in that the race is going to be productive going forward. I, you know, I'm I'm not as much of a total collapse scenario supporter here. I. Thought that I thought that for Gulfstream Park that was a that was a fairly typical unfolding the the way that pays went. And I I don't I I don't know what else. There is the say about I don't care about the gladiator king portion of it. I know people are, you know, are are say, oh, the we we should restrict horses like that. Yeah. That can't do it. Just there's always going to be those types of horses around. All right. And why not because every once in a while they win one Knicks go at seventy two one won the grade one race at Keeneland, the breeders maturity last fall when he was getting beaten sprints running other places..

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