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And and there's no absolutes in this world and so to really Double Down and push on a protocol. I understand people's want and drive to Jewett but understand that there has to be flexibility in it. And that's that's just the reality of it so when working with clients now I have to be careful not to say the word protocol. Now that I put in my mouth I don't I don't have no what. Tell me what you like to do this right right. I might do that so I do. I have this little kind of decision tree in my have have in different people. Kinda come in in different spots along that decision tree. So maybe someone who's worked with a lime doctor for you know years before and they'd been including free and dairy free and all the and they done it all they kind of fast track and to me So a lot of it usually. Let's let's just assume everyone's kind of done that base work because honestly most of my clients are familiar with you. Know the whole alternative holistic round. They've seen scene like five ten fifteen practitioners so they've gone through it already. You know So usually the first thing that I do with people. is June assessment of Mir micro-toxins. And the reason why is my goal is to be very Financially responsible responsible and prudent with my clients. So what I have and of reasons out is if we go through and we'd do a urine mycotoxin tests and we see if you're elevated or not elevated and we compare that with potential exposures whether that's at work that's at home and we work on that basic level erse. Why do people get better? especially if they really adhere and they really avoid probably like fifty percent my clients get better Dr. So it's after that initial kind of low hanging fruit I call it. We push that out of the way and then we go onto the next thing. The next thing would eventually be working with sirs chronic inflammatory response syndrome. Are you still sick even though we completely the detox you now and you're out of exposure okay. Let's work on adjusting your inflammation Anne. We kind of go from there now with regards hard to the urine mycotoxin so people will be like well. You mentioned micro-toxins you mentioned. Sarah's what about allergy or infection or calms as breath I consider infection and colonization. Kind of in the first half micro-toxins mycotoxin tactic come from somewhere. They can come from your your environment or they can come from your internal environment so you look outside and inside when you're dealing with those micro-toxins so if someone really clearly has a very toxic environment we've tested. They have mold growth in their home. Well guess what we're going to look there first but someone on who has a high in mycotoxin burden and their whole ms like tested clean. We've had people in we've gone through. We're going to start. Consider how they might be inoculated inside side which really sets me apart from other physicians. Who are doing a lot of mold where there's some folks out there that say when you see a urine mycotoxin level you you could come on anti fungal and I can't get with that? I think that there's a time and place for Anti Fungal so it can be really rough on the liver some of them And and you you need to use them carefully you know. We put hundreds of thousands of tons and that is once again cited by research summoner manure about that hundreds of thousands of tons of as Sol's every year on our crops Israel's our anti fungal and these agricultural as are totally related to the medical is almost to the point that the literature shows that people who are as all naive the meeting that they haven't actually taken the anti uncle who are farmhands have resistance to medical is so they're exposed in the field to two eight Sol's they develop a fungal infection and then when we try to treat them in a medical setting their resisted. So I don't see see the good it does for me to just reflexively Give someone ends bungles when I see an elevated urine mycotoxin test A I don't know if it's GonNa make a difference and be. I don't know who I'm taking that. Life saving medication away from in the years to come because of resistance. So I'm a huge believer in anti fungal stewardship and being very cautious and very using logic and reason judicious yes yes very judicious in my use. So if you're not using using a pharmacologic treatment what what do you find has been the most helpful to you. Is it a combination therapy of herbal single herb. I mean are you using if find that. They've got this sinusitis. Are you using a some type of herbal nasal Clinton thing I mean. Are you sure like I've seen recently that you know people use colloidal silver for sinuses. What what are you lake? Yeah so before you can really put someone on an on an anti anything right. You need to think about where the bug is as in the nose is in the gut is it in the vagina. China like where where is the fungus. That's causing all the issues. And depending on that then we go a step further and we consider what the best Treatment delivery. Is You know if I can get a positive culture if I can actually get someone to cough up something out of their lungs and ship it off and get it cultured I love to run a culture and sensitivity on that so I can see if there is any a anti bungles of that could be of use if we need to go there and then we can confirm the issue and the location so There are natural gives to to everything you know. A lot of our anti fungal allies in the plant world are You know Oregano time. Royal topically garlic You know the list goes on and on but then we have some really cool herbs that go in and modify the the funguses ability to achieve resistance to some of these drugs when we pair it so I read There's some research out there that Pairs Greens he extract with flu console to decrease resistance. And do I use that sometimes. Sure are there other times where I I will use something like Bio Sidon absolutely You know for some time if we do have a nasal issue for people. It's not not uncommon for me to try to do some type of you know Netti pot nasal bio sided rents followed by some probiotics and maybe even with they A nasal restore something like that. So the goal is to kind of go in and burn the fields. You know the goal is to kind of go in maybe wheat fields all in all but then also replant and re unoccupied so anywhere that you're going in and breath clearing out fungi. All that kind of stuff you need to make sure that your repopulating with good and beneficial bacteria to kind of choke Out that niche so that fungus can't hold their anymore In addition when you're working with fungi you really need to make sure it just like lying that you're using Bioko okay busters if you're not using bio combustion You're you're essentially handing over resistance to those folks so what are what are your thoughts on. biofilm busters like what are what are you finding because there are several you know in that category on many yet. What do you like? Do you like the like I'm trying to think is grape seed oil or you know what what are you finding that that's helpful to you L.. As a good one in There's a combo products out they are that has La Black Cumin human and bismuth. That's really really phenomenal for folks that was developed by one of my mentors Dr Paul Anderson. He's absolutely phenomenal and people don't follow his work they they really. Should I get right Anderson yet. Dr Paul Anderson. In fact he's having a Oncology conference this weekend in Seattle called the eight a m he M. as in Mary P. S. P. Paul He also co authored. The book Outside the box. Cancer Therapies Absolutely amazing and he's Yeah he's great so he formulated one of those Bio Dome products that I like using and of course you know it's not just the La it's not just the black human seed it's not NEC- is huge pile film. Buster a lot of our digestive enzymes or take on an empty stomach could theoretically be used as biofilm busters pet today since another one. I mean the list goes on and an on but you just WanNa make sure that you're arming and equipping people with Right when right Kea do just part of it. Yeah and while we're at it while are and having people on viner having people on a fighter if you're gonNA kill you need to do a binary of some sort and there's lots against so many good binders out there I used to be the the the Chola Star mean is the best I can. And you know when you know better you do better and The whole star mean forums for times a day. If you WANNA make really sensitive people sick shore do it you know but I just I. I can't do that. I am so cautious now even before quitting people on binders because thereby Knocked people for a loop even just beyond the Gi upset of Cola Star. Arming you know. I've seen charcoal cause liver pain being unlimited discomfort kind of like a liver stagnation You know it's Really dependent on the individual person. So while you're doing some type of Kill Protocol you really need to make sure that you have those binders on hand. Kind of staggered away. from the time that you're doing wing those deliveries along. Do people need to be treated for. Depends on what they have and depends on how severe you know. How would you know that your area that you're treating is actually resolved? I mean you could do testing again but again you know mycotoxin test His three hundred dollars. If someone doesn't WanNa do that again I I. It's hard to say because sometimes you do treatment on a certain issue and they're great and then boom they're not great and then you wonder. Oh was it do we not limited enough. I see it like a relay rice. I with these medications are doing and I'm not a good runner so let's just get that out of everyone's mind right now. I see as really. I'm starting offer people. Well and we are you know Henning the Anti Fungal the Batat or heading the antifungal whatever. It may be the batons to do the first slap at the race and then after that. We're hoping that we have recovered. The person well enough that that trade off will be need their own macrobiotics stepping up to help fight that their own immune system as a stepping up to help carry that next leg of the race And you know every now and then you have to double back there some people when you take them off Kill Protocol they might fax slide a little bit And there's something to to be said about Treating or long enough that sometimes you don't know until you take someone of something Or sometimes times it. It is long enough but their immune system just isn't kind of up to the task just quite yet and it's not Sansei fungal you you know. I see that with the antivirals shoe for people. I do a lot of work around the human herpes virus families the viruses Vira Epstein Barr Virus. HSE ONE HSBC less does on and on and on a usually start people on a cycle Vera Valet cyclope are on if they can handle it. Some sense of folks we can't handle it and Getting them on a different type of antibiotic product like an herb or nutraceutical. Subtypes are better tolerated. But you never really know who those people are going to be. I am so surprised. I have some of my most sensitive folks. I put them on an herb. They're done they're absolutely done for. I put them on a pharmaceutical and they do great great. So there's something to also take into consideration about the full profile of herb There are certain herbs that can be really really rough on the liver. And then you look out there Prescription counterpart so drug that does something similar and it. Sometimes The Times. In those cases it's better tolerated so herbs aren't always like the best the.

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