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Another obscene caused by bravo. I'm doing great. I cannot wait to get into that really hills. I i'm gonna i. This may be the most highly anticipated episode. We've had in a long time yet. No this was some next level. Shit this kind of what separates the men from the boys. Oh this is like if i was going to show someone a good episode of i would pick this one. Four shore up there yes absolutely. I also wanted to mention before we get started. This is really sad. Am sure you guys saw that. Gregg leakes has passed away at sixty six. And i just i just i heart breaks for in the whole family and i know of course. We don't know him personally. But you really feel like you know these people after watching them on your screens for so long and it was just really sad news to see so sad especially ever in posting all the clips like when you see how really big of a part of the show and means life and we got to see them get remarried again on a spin off. I just. I felt like. I knew him so i just felt so awful and the tribute stammer really beautiful totally. Did you also see that houses. All stars apparently being called ultimate girls trip. Yes they released the cast photo which is like nothing to write home about. It's just them looking beautiful bite. I love this title and it changes the whole tune. Because i always thought i don't know who came up with all stars. I think that was obviously a fan created name but it's not about all sorts. It's not about who's the best house wise. It's about putting together a girl strip of housewives and seeing happens and this will just create such a great base that now they can keep doing it with all different concoctions of women. If feels like a dream that i never thought would happen and it actually is coming soon. So i have to dislike. Hold my excitement for a little bit longer. I think the reason that i'm really into the idea is because it's almost like low stakes drama. You know they're there for special limited amount of time. Most of the women don't have these extensive background with one another so the drama can't be that high stakes so we can kind of just enjoy almost without much analysis needed. Yeah and i just really can't wait to see how they interact without that history uncomfortable there where they haven't fought with these women they don't know how they fight they don't know what makes them tick and they're not necessarily friends. So what does that look like. And how will all of their personalities that we know so well in their own cities kind of change in come out in a whole different setting and they're not playing the long game you know. There's at sniff get some house laser so calculated because they know that it's going to do them really well at the reunion like they don't have that luxury here so you have short amount of time to just go all out. I can't even wait. Okay has the time. Come from beverly hills. I thought you'd never ask why should start by saying if you've been listening to this podcast. I'm sure you've picked up this pattern that we also have picked up on. Which is that right after. We draw our episode normally within a few hours. Something major happens that obviously we cannot include and this week it was a never before aired scene of sutton after retail. So we cannot get into this without starting with that this is maybe the most important part of the story that everyone is just missing not bringing up again it is crucial to the storyline. And everything that's going on. I can't believe that this is not more of a conversation and that if it had come up the reunion we'd be like what the fuck. How do we not know this. So the fact we're seeing the scene with our very own is mid season is just crazy thing is bravo. Does this with all franchises. They drop these quote never before scenes and a lot of the times. You can understand why it wasn't in. The episode is not really additive whereas this is the kind of thing were honestly. I was sutton. I'd be really pissed. It's kind of like taking away my reasoning. Where my ammunition. When i kept thinking is if everybody was so on board with sutton before even seeing this imagine after seamus yeah. Let's tell you what happened. And then i have a lot of thoughts about it okay. So it was a clip from when they were at a retail house in in it sutton says verbatim during my divorce. I was in a position where i wasn't getting money. My turney said to me you need to have someone ready to give you money if you need it and kyle kind of clarifies asking her demean have someone lend you money and she says yes and i offer that to erica and interconfessional. She says i offered erica alone while going through the divorce. Like if you need anything financially. I've got your back if you have a fall. You've got a mattress to land on. But i think she said thank you and that was and then she says i think erica said yeah. I need twenty million dollars. That's not funny. It would've put me in a very bad jam and then in the same clip renna. Aderito says i asked her. How did you get money to get out. And she said. I can't talk about that right now. Nc okay i just don't even know where to begin with us because yes without this. I believe all of sutton's questions argument at our whole stance are completely valid. And i agree with them so then when you add in the fact that she offered erica financial assistance before knowing any of this dirty miss going on behind the scenes it actually gives her a reason to care about all these things that are coming out and it really does make it about her or that it could potentially involve her. This is not just about her reputation and having her name in the articles. It's no. I offered her money. And now what could that mean for me. What i don't understand is why she hasn't said that again why she said to erica. Wasn't it is about reputation what people think about me. But i also offered you a financial loan and if there's fraud involved. Could i be dragged into this even more deeply than i already am on the gossip websites. I genuinely think this was one of the most important anecdotes of the entire season. I'm i'm floored at this was not included. I just don't really get. why not. Because if they thought it would become a.

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