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At each eight weeks of paid vacation. I know what you're saying this governor, it's like I mean, I know he's a pediatrician understand and children. I mean, I'm all favor of children anything that helps kids, but I just I cannot understand I can't grasp this. So this eight weeks is on top of the six weeks, or or how many ever weeks it is that you already get is that correct? You can take your vacation leave your annual leave or you're sick leave maternity leave. But I mean moms and dads both get that. So you can use your annual leave your vacation leave and your sickly. And then you can also take eight weeks. It's free paid vacation to sit at home. You know, what my biggest problem is with that that punishes people like me who didn't have kids. No it does. I chose not to have children. I chose to be responsible. And not have a bunch of kids that I can't afford to take care of. I was responsible and very deliberate in taking great pains to make sure I didn't get pregnant bullied. You me. You know, my philosophy is if you don't want to get pregnant, there's a fix for that. Okay. There's a whole bunch of different solutions for that. So I'd elaborately didn't have children by choice. And so when you're giving somebody eight weeks paid maternity leave. Where's my eight weeks for being responsible suppose, you're taking care of an elderly mother or father, which I have done exactly. And you know, it's a huge responsibility. And you do it. But you have to do a lot of juggling. But I will also tell you that when I worked with people who had children guests who always got stuck doing weekend assignments. Because now the kids had soccer games. Well, I was punished for not having children and for being responsible. And that burns me up..

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