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At the charming home of prominent MRs Leila ransom who supported the war effort, but an informal recession and buffet STA in. Getting ahead of our story. Let's go back day. Let's go back day. One of the bedroom of truck Morten p Gildersleeve or that prominent figure finds himself cornered by his nephew. And this is the day collecting close the high school sending around just a minute one at a time. You do not we divided evenly. Wanted to time one time. Time. I mean, excuse me. It is. I'm getting close ready for the malls. Yes. But he got a few things in my class. For instance, you'll never wear that tuxedo again. And why don't you give that to the drive? Pick up that up cdo. Pick it up bring it hair. Look at my goodness. Dust out that close dusty on won't care. Just for that. I think you ought to give it to me I needed more than she does. If we bring fifty. Dr we get a fleet to the movies. I'm getting Burma's knee. L collecting today on the trucks coming around this morning. Objective. Flip the closer for the Russians. They're not her plan. Hold on. Now, the closer mind. Keep your shirt on both of you. I'll decide what's to be done with them vibrant, fifty school. I got a free ticket. I heard that too. I know very touchy downstairs hang on the line thoroughly and put it in. Box. You'll never wear it. What about the take down share? Yes..

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