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Evening. I'm Michelle Bash our top local story this evening. A major winter storm continues to impact the D. C. Metro tonight, causing slick roads and bringing significant snow accumulation in some areas will check the latest weather conditions in a moment, But first we have more school cancelations. For tomorrow, Prince William County Public schools and offices will be closed tomorrow. There will also be no in person or virtual classes. Also closed tomorrow. Loudon County Public schools There will be no distance learning all campus activities are canceled as well. For tomorrow. Faqir County Public schools has canceled all classes tomorrow. Manassas Park City Public schools closed tomorrow. All Arlington County Public schools will be closed tomorrow, but all offices will stay open and distance learning well, continuous planned for all students level one students will temporarily go back to distance learning Alexandria City. Public School buildings will be closed, but Virtual learning is still on for tomorrow. Also closed tomorrow. Culpeper County public schools No in Person or online Learning. 12 MONTH. Employees do not need to report but essential personnel must report at 10 A.M. Stafford County Public School students will engage in a synchronous learning at all levels tomorrow morning meetings will not be held for elementary school kids staff may tell a work the Y M C. A will be closed. No student will be penalized if they don't have access to the Internet and fun. Only Spotsylvania County says Tomorrow will be an asynchronous Learning day. Four students, you can read all these school closings. If you missed some at W. T o p calm now. Storm Team four meteorologist met. Ritter is busy this evening. He has been monitoring what the storm is doing, and we're about to chicken with him met..

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