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Done has quarantine. Oh it's I mean it's a dream let's just say I mean it's a blur actually is probably a better word for it. Yeah as we were talking about earlier I have absolutely no concept of what day. It is what time it is. What planet I'm on at any given time and it's just nothing makes sense anymore I we have like this calendar that you like. Diaries up on our wall in the kitchen that we used to use for like plans has existed so it had been on. March until yesterday ray I raised it and Changed it to month twenty twenty and I just started putting things on the days of the week. It'd be like okay October thirty first. That's a Saturday. I'm going to put that on the first Saturday. That's the thing to look forward to our only have five things on there. That sad miss plans. I must plans. I miss. Just the the option of making plans with people the option of like. I could go somewhere if I wanted to like. No you can anymore. You're trapped. I think the thing that I really miss the most amps. This last week is just like going and shopping. Yeah like just going to target like walking through the aisles. Look in her things. You don't need well even just like oh I need to go to old navy for a pair of pants and then you just do that and yet of like get on all your and see if it's open or whatever even though it's not like you have to order online if you want pants her all navy. Yeah sad time. We're living in right. I thought it was bad and we just had to drive fifteen minutes to the mall right. Also I'm reading the shining right now and feel it gets like really appropriate like yeah the cabin fever type thing. The Do have stock hallway in your upstairs. We do. It gets some weird twins going on there. Oh No. That's that's terrifying. Think of soon one day one day crazy. Yeah Yeah Anyway What have you been watching this week to get you through quarantine? Well no surprise. I am still watching Star Trek because that's my life now right. There's plenty of it to keep you busy. I did finally decide to watch the Cooked with cannabis show okay and so I've watched that one and It was called cooking on high. Which was the one from last year's for twenty and it was. It's a lot like chopped and it's really fun. It's hosted by police who is also a trained chef. So fancy milkshake in her yard. That's awesome. I love that so many things about police. She is a dream. That's really good tonight for. I like completely forgot about her. I mean I will never forget about her milkshake but I kind of forgot about her as a person that makes me feel bad. Yeah Wall Pop. Star is temporary true Have you ever watched it's on Vice? It's called Bong apetite a hall. Yeah so actually. It's interesting because it used to be a show where they guy went around. And like eight different cannabis infused foods and like Blake went to different places and saw how they ingested cannabis and stuff like that and now it's like a cooking show is like a difference like a completely different show with the same name. It's on Vice. Anyway cuyler. I've watched a few episodes of that. It was pretty good. Yeah I watched it when it was the travel show. I haven't seen as yeah. I had no idea change and all of a sudden we started watching. This is a different. This is different. Tv show. This is a different I think we really watch anything else this week. Other than what we're watching right. I'm trying to think of what I watched this week. It's been a blur I'm telling you The first thing that we watch we both watch that we want to talk about is finally. There was a too hot to handle reunion released. And it was like glue quarantine edition reunion where it was just all video calls is really interesting and actually. This is kind of a side note but next Wednesday the thirteenth of May this Wednesday. I should say Is the finale of season forty of survivor winters at war? And I'm so excited first of all second second of all I'm interested to see what the reunion is going to be like. Because I think it's going to be probably the same thing. Like the video calls. Because traditionally and survivor they always reveal the winner live and then have reunion like right bright after so. I think it'll be interesting to see how they do it. But let's talk about too hot to handle. Yeah no that'll be interesting to see how reality TV adapts to our situation because the ones that are most able to adapt. Yeah definitely and like especially. We're talking about too hot to handle now. But also the tiger king reunion which we haven't talked about but that was also an right zoom or whatever. Yeah yes And then also I don't know if you've seen like ads for it or anything but there's like a whole like ninety day fiance like quarantine addition hough as other doing on my TV guide the other day. Yeah it's basically it's basically just like various people from like all the different ninety day fiance editions like filming themselves at home and talking about themselves basically and like what they're doing and I don't really care that much about that but it is pretty interesting to watch because there are some people that are from like early seasons that we really haven't heard anything about I haven't heard anything about it was interesting to get an update on them but But Yeah I think that's it's just going to be a really. It's just GonNa be really interesting to see how television. Reality Television regular television. Everything in the entire world is going to change and adapt because of this. Yeah like I mean. The fact of the matter is we watched and rented trolls to the day. It came out even though like trolls was cute. But I don't know if it was that much money. You rates still like that is amazing being able to just release a movie to everyone once. Yeah I think that there is a that Pixar movie and remember what it's called like out something bound or something. I don't know but it was released like on Disney plus which was cool But yeah okay. So let's talk about too hot to handle her so distracted by the corn tune. There's a lot a lot to think about right now. Yeah okay. So what do you think about the reunion? Okay so I loved it. It was the best part of the entire show. I agree I was really first of all. I was relieved that they had a reunion. Because that's one thing that I was really didn't like about too hot to handle was that there was no follow up. There is no way that we could know if this experiment worked and I'm realizing now that that's probably because of like the craziness surrounding corona. I guess I had thought that they would have had time to do it like before but will. Yeah because I mean we're kind of used to love is blind or that was two thousand eighteen exactly so actually like closer to real time. Yeah so maybe. That's what I think. Probably Coronas why there wasn't like a reunion that was released with the resolution. What three weeks ago? Something like that. Yeah we've been teen for like six weeks. Yeah right in the right in the heat of it all so I was. I was just glad that existed but I also just enjoyed it a lot. I thought it was really well paced. I loved as Ray Burge. I thought she like I loved her on the show to seeing her and just seeing her able to interact with. The contestants was really great and she seems like genuinely so excited to be talking to them to which was really cute her shine Bryce yes. I just was so cute. Oh they go one on one now. Yeah it was. It was awesome but I think it was like the most hopeful I've ever felt at a reunion. Yeah because most of the time it's like Darcy Jesse or survivor where it's just like they're like thank God. I'm not parasitic anymore. Right this one was like they actually felt like they grew as people. Yeah I felt like that was I. I feel like a lot of them. Took away a lot from the retreat. Which was really good to hear because that was I think. One of my biggest reservations was like I wasn't sure how effective it was going to be. It just didn't seem to have like a really focused goal so I wasn't really sure how effective it would be but it seems to have like really changed a lot of these people's lives so that's great and well or they caught all the heat on twitter and read through it and sat and thought about it. I mean that that's yeah but maybe Ami that that still requires I guess some personal which is good. Yeah sometimes you have personal reflection when ten thousand people are in your mentions bright. Can we talk about how Harry proposed to Francesco with the fucking ring. Pop over Zoom or whatever Huh. I wonder I don't know if that's real fire real. I don't I cannot imagine that it's real and I can't either an Francesca's response was like he knows. I WANNA marry him and it's like What kind of responses that like? Just say yes. I don't know it just seemed like very like let's do something cute and something that will make people remember us. You know well or he was like. Hey disarray propose difrancesco at this funny ring pop as a fun fun. Time proposal in front of everyone and it just went awry. They were talking about how they had stayed together. I guess right after the show and then they broke up and then Harry was like. Yeah one nine. I got really drunk concert texting and we just started. And it's like that's like not really good for eight months. Yeah an extended period of time. And I don't know just the whole like like I was drunk when I started it like first of all. Why would you even share that? Like this doesn't make you look good. Do it was like a a booty call what felt like and it just like it's like that's. I felt like it felt like a booty call and it felt like not something that it it felt like. He wasn't looking for a serious thing. Well I don't think other than world confused serious thing. I think they're just looking for followers. Yeah that's probably true if that's what they want whatever I was surprised and impressed with Khloe. Yes I love this. Amy Love Chloe even more like she was my favorite on the show and this made me love her even more. I loved her explaining all. The British like Lingo. I so cute. When she tried to figure out what the word emulate meant. Yes I is that like when you emulate someone to Orgasm Sir. Everyone who knows me in London? That was the worst Odyssey's better than I can do. So you would hit guys. What hate to hear mine but But Yeah I she also said Khloe also said that she's had a really positive response from the show and that the response from the show has actually made her a lot more confident as a person so I think that's really awesome. Yeah I think part of the reason I liked her on the show so much which I may have mentioned more. We're talking about. It is just that she didn't have quite the lake. I don't know fight about how much she didn't want to deal with relationships and commitments. The other ones did more just kind of like. Oh you know. It'd be nice if someone liked enough. Yeah Yeah and she was just did she was just funny and she is too sweet too and I felt like she was. Yeah she just wasn't like one of the like I need all the attention on me like some other people on the show were yeah. I think this tola reinforced that for me. Yep I agree Kells still love Kells. Yes yes he The accountant he is the Accountant. He's like really embraced that especially acid self portrait drawing thing with lion and shitting out the bag. Oh Yeah I loved that when they had to like do the Yoni but for guys it was so funny and fucking Chiran just did an air fresher can in that Dan air freshener can we. Yesterday on his instagram he released a t shirt but has an air freshener can on it. And it says sure Ron and then it says not to scale. Oh my God this this. Do this tiered dishonest. Everyone this dude is going to be like. What's the chick who cut Lorena Bobbitt Lorena bobbitt husband. Who started doing porn after he got cut off. This is I feel like the Sharon may go down this road own now. Well at least he has a penis. I Guess Yeah. Thank you got more views for the other one because it..

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