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President Trump has some national security deadlines coming up in the next few months. We'll break them down. Plus, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau's, free trade. Ambitions are set to be put to the test in two thousand nineteen but first June, Richard agenda is an army veteran and a West Virginia state Senator who lost his bid for US house seat in the midterms. He's one of the first Democrats to announce that he will definitely seek his party's nomination for president in twenty twenty and he joins us now. Welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. Well, why do you want to run for president in? What will be such a crowded field with a lot of big names from the democratic orbit? Well, I think I differ in terms of a candidate than the people that are going to be in this crowded field. You know, when I was running for congress over the course of nineteen months, we received lots of phone calls, and and things of that nature of people, you know, emails letters that talking about the issues that they have in their areas and the problems that we face this. Southern West Virginia are the same problems that people facing Kentucky the same problems. They face in Flint, Michigan, the Bronx, New York south side of Chicago. And even places, you know, like in the Silicon Valley, I mean, I recently whit to or Facebook headquarters is is located and it amazed me where the working class citizens of Facebook. They're sleeping in their shuttle buses at night because they can't afford to drive home to see their families because they live too far away because they cannot afford to live close in close proximity to where they work, and that's what's you know. It's just problems like that are problems that are going on all across this country. And I think it's time for somebody. That's going to actually. Run for the presidency of the United States of America. That's going to put those issues up front for change. You initially for while at least supported President Trump for president in two thousand sixteen. Why? Well, I supported Bernie Sanders, and then it was stolen in West Virginia that wasn't just West Virginia. There was a few states that did that as well where they gave it to Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders won all fifty five counties in West Virginia. But at the end of the day, they gave it to Bernie Sanders to to Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was talking about a job training in West Virginia of jobs that do not exist in West Virginia. So you get the training, and then you basically have to relocate your family to some other state, you know, as much as the things Donald Trump was saying that I definitely disagreed with and some of the disrespectful things that he was saying at the end of the day, I'm from Logan West Virginia, and I live in the coalfields. And when the coal industry is down everyone struggles people cannot afford to shop in mama Bob stores. So they. Shut down. You know, people can't afford to buy cars. People can't even afford to purchase and pay for funerals. It's cremations for everybody during these times. And Donald Trump was one that was coming down there saying I'm going to do everything in my power to keep you guys working. And has it has it really came through in most cases, it really has. There have been an uptick in coal. But you know, I'm just going to tell you. It's nowhere near what people thought and since then we have seen nothing more than a absolute circus in Washington DC. And I think that it's time for us to change directions and start to look at saints. It's going to help our people, you know, we just gave one point seven trillion dollar tax break to the top one percent and that money, right? There could have elevated every child in this country out of poverty for the next twenty years where our priorities Senator Elizabeth Warren who announced a presidential exploratory committee has twelve and a half million dollars left over from her Senate campaign Senator Kirsten Jill. Lebron has about ten and a half million. Are you going to be able to raise that kind of money to compete with these people? Well, you know, I don't think I need that much money to win a presidential campaign. I'm going to do what I can I want to travel this country. I'm gonna drive across this country. There's not going to be a fly over state in terms of the agenda for president campaign. I'm going to go out there. I'm going to put boots on the ground. I want to meet with people. You know, I'm the guy that can relate to the working class citizens. They can't you know, they have no concept of what life is like to the person trying to put food on the table. You know, many of these people that right now are going to put their name in this hat to run for the presidency of the United States of America. They're going to sit there and they're going to say that they're going to fight the opioid epidemic the opioid epidemic. That has absolutely gave them a countless amounts of funding in terms of their their campaigns. You know, don't tell me you're going to fight the opioid epidemic. But yet you sit and profit from it unacceptable. I'm not scared to call these people out. I'm different than any other person. That's going to run you're not gonna find anybody. There's more fiercely supportive of labor than I am. I know your interest in West Virginia coal of but isn't that out of step with the Democratic Party in terms of trying to find alternative sources of energy? All I support the green new deal. I just want them jobs to come to West Virginia and Kentucky and places like that. Now. So we can start transitioning these coal monitors don't walk in till place, like West Virginia and pull the plug and don't give those people. The ability continue feeding their families, WalMart and Dollar General are not going to suffice we deserve better. So let's bring those green new deal jobs to West Virginia to Kentucky to Flint, Michigan and places like that start giving these people the ability to transition and feed their families if we could do that. Then I am one hundred percent on board. Let's do it. Thank you for being here. That's Richardo Jetta. He is running for president in twenty twenty listening to Bloomberg politics policy and power on Bloomberg.

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